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After years of nachos and quesadillas, the highly-anticipated Mexican cuisine has landed Hong Kong

Tatler Says

Earlier this May, Los Angeles’ Esdras Ochoa, also known as the ‘Taco King’ expressed elation on the opening of 11 Westside. Fast forward three months when the Mexican establishment launched in Hong Kong with our exclusive First Supper event. Having opened its doors to crowds hungry for great Mexican cuisine, Ochoa’s Hong Kong debut is inspired by his popular Salazar restaurant. Guests must enter 11 Westside from the side of the building, through a long flight of stairs to reach the newly built apartment’s first floor, welcoming guests with an open terrace with picnic tables. Entering the restaurant’s main dining area, guests are greeted with a spacious room with high ceiling, with a high bar table set at the centre, separating the well-stocked bar and the small tables. Larger picnic tables for sharing are placed at the back of the room, where we find less traffic and more spacious to enjoy our meal.

The menu selection at 11 Westside is modest. We began our meal with a combo called GSC, abbreviated from tableside guac, chips and salsa. Toasted corn chips are served with spicy signature salsa de moicajete, which imparts a deep maroon shade with a fine balance of tartness and heat with smoky notes that followed. The guac is arguably the most Instagrammable dish at 11 Westside, as guacamole is made on order. Two avocadoes are scooped out and mashed with tomato concasse, a sprinkle of chopped coriander, red onions, salt, and lime juice. We enjoyed our guac chunky although the consistency can vary across tables. However the smooth avocado spread can use a little more tartness to cut through the sweetness.


The Echo Park sweet corn was sweet and savoury, where baby corn is served with a sprinkle of soft cheese from Oaxaca. Each baby corn was sweet and crunchy. The East L.A. seafood taco is a singular deep-fried tortilla stuffed with shrimp, crabmeat, and mashed potatoes, dressed with a tomato consommé. The dish reminded us of a croquette, but the consommé could take a little more seasoning.


Tacos are the stars at 11 Westside. The Carne Asada, or grilled beef short rib taco is the richest in flavour, although the Al Pastor (achiote and pineapple roasted pork) was the best match with guacamole and salsa molcajete. Entrees are best shared among small parties. Served with warm flour tortillas, the USDA hangar prime steak was served on a wooden plank alongside grilled courgettes. The juicy medium-rare beef is best enjoyed in a DIY taco with a generous helping of salsa.


Desserts are on point, as the housemade corn flan made an impressive finish to the meal. The egg-rich pudding is smooth and creamy, and great with candied pistachios, although house-made popcorn was heavy on the salt.

Formerly PDT bartender Daniel Eun showed off his expertise in mixology in a dynamic showcase of cocktails and an extensive tequila and mescal collection at 11 Westside. Cocktails are particularly impressive. Saladito is a light refreshing concoction mixing mescal with honey and lime. Fresh and easy on the palate, while its fruitiness complements well with seafood and starters such as guac, chips, and salsa. Left Hand blends bourbon, sweet vermouth and Campari for a complex drink which pairs well with richer flavours such as the hangar steak and meat tacos.

The staff at 11 Westside welcomes guests with warm greetings with attentive service throughout the meal. Dishes were properly described and explained upon arrival, and the team bears exceptional knowledge in Mexican cuisine as well as best beverage pairing suggestions.

A dinner for two including one cocktail each amounts to HK$1,300. 11 Westside lives up to its buzz and deliver impressive Mexican cuisine the city needed, leaving guests wanting more on future return visits.



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