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Travel in the post-Covid-19 world looks different, but so does Quotient Travel Planner, now rebranded as Wondergolander

Javiny Lim and Lim Hui-Juan have never been followers of the crowd. Avid travellers from a young age, they have always preferred the challenge and flexibility of creating their own itineraries over the convenience of mass group tours.

The desire to share their expertise with like-minded travellers was what led to the founding of Quotient Travel Planner in 2007. Against all odds, the duo managed to turn their passion into a viable business at a time when bespoke travel planning was still almost unheard of.

15 years later, the two, now established travel planners, are still resolutely walking the path less taken. While many of their peers may have chosen to lie low and bide their time as Covid-19 ravaged the travel industry, they have taken the opportunity to reflect, rethink, and rebrand. The result is Wondergolander, a bespoke travel concierge that promises to be more thoughtful in its approach to travel.

“Wondergolander will continue the mission and vision of Quotient Travel Planner–to transform the traveller one holiday at a time,” affirms Hui-Juan. “But the key differences are an even greater emphasis on travel as a force for transformation and the weaving in of extraordinary experiences in every bespoke luxury trip.”

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The rebranding has also allowed Hui-Juan and Javiny the opportunity to adapt their business to the new norm. By working closely with partners on the ground in destination countries, Wondergolander keeps up a constant monitoring of developments overseas in order to provide timely and accurate updates to their clients. The team takes care of paperwork, gives advice on travel insurance with Covid-19 coverage, and, in worst case scenarios, handles cancellations and rebookings if necessary.

“Having done a thorough review of our refunds and cancellations policy, we have been able to exercise flexibility for clients who have had to postpone or cancel their holidays as a result of last-minute Covid-19 developments,” says Hui-Juan.

“The pandemic has taught us not to take holidays for granted,” she continues–but it’s not just holidays that we have learnt to treasure more. The importance of protecting cultures, nature, and the environment has definitely come to the forefront in the past two years. Beyond designing journeys that are transformative for travellers, Wondergolander also hopes to transform the host communities it works with.

“Going forward, we see ourselves doing less 'routine type' holidays and more purposeful, 'go big or go home' journeys. Travellers now want longer holidays that allow them to explore the destination in-depth. Some prefer very private arrangements, whether it be travelling via private jets, getting after-hours access to attractions, or getting lost in nature on hikes.”

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“Our vision for Wondergolander is to build and grow a community of responsible travellers who explore, respect, and enhance the world. We see ourselves continuing to be a torchbearer for innovative bespoke travel, growing into a global brand that is synonymous with wonder while on holiday.”

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