More than music, Wonderfruit is a celebration of people and the planet—and a reminder of how important it is that we find a way for the two to live together. From incredible art installations to food prepared by Michelin-star chefs, here are a few reasons why you shouldn't miss the one-of-a-kind festival this year:

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Utopian paradise

Every year, come December, the grounds of the Siam Country Club are transformed into a utopian playground where "sustainable and the spectacular can go hand-in-hand" for four days of bliss.  

Dreamy architectural sculptures by local and international designers are built, encouraging festival goers to interact and explore. During the day, indulge in gong bath meditation sessions, sunrise and sunset yoga classes, inspirational talks and more. By nightfall, live music performances and DJ sets can be enjoyed under the stars.

The experience takes you away from the mundane, and offers a glimpse into what life could be like if we nurture creativity, nature and each other above all else. 

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Conscious cool 

In 2017, Wonderfruit became certified as a carbon neutral festival. As a member of Plastic Pollution Coalition, sustainability is at the heart of Wondefruit's ethos. As well as banning all single -use plastics at the festival, there are panels and talks throughout the day that mainly focus on sustainability and positive social impact. 

Wonderfruit's organisers have also embraced technology not only as a way to create a seamless, enjoyable experience for festival goers, but to manage the event's environmental impact.

Its electronic top-up payment system allows users to pay for food and drinks with just a tap, meaning no fussing with cash or cards, and no wasted paper used for receipts. Same goes for its “Wonder” app which includes an interactive schedule and map, eliminating any need for brochures that usually end up as litter.

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Come thirsty

Pop-up structures serve as bars across the festival grounds. Most are standard bars serving all of the favourites, while others are specialised—like the Hendrick's Gin "Tent of Unusual Tipples" seen above from last year, which took on a quirky 1930s circus theme. 

For non-drinkers, there are plenty of options from fresh juices and smoothies to slow-drip coffee and ice-cold refreshments made from local fruits and honey. Filtered water can be found everywhere to make filling your water bottle, and staying hydrated, easy. 

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Come hungry

You won’t find day-old hotdogs at this music festival.

Instead, you’ll find some of the best Thai street food in the country, wood-oven pizza, vegan feasts and exclusive dinners hosted by world-famous chefs. Last year, Gaggan—yes, that Gaggan, as in the mastermind behind Asia’s best restaurant—hosted a special dinner under the stars. 

Tatler tip: find the Thai lady that sells Khao Soi and order yourself a bowl or two. You won’t regret it, and you’ll definitely be back for more. Also, be quick with booking the chef-hosted dinners, as they sell out quick. 

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Tune out

As the sun begins to set, the different stages scattered across the grounds come to life.

The lineup always includes a mix of international names and local talent. Last year’s festival welcomed a broad spectrum of artists, from French electronic music artist Nicola Cruz to Thai band YAAN, which uses traditional instruments from Thailand and around the world to create psychedelic sounds. 

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Express yourself 

Similar to festivals like Burning Man, people go all out when it comes to outfits at Wonderfruit.There's no dress code, no style rules and no judgment at Wonderfruit, so be who you want to be, dress how you want to dress and dance like everyone is watching you, baby. 

The only thing we would recommend is wearing comfortable shoes, as the days are long and the grounds are big. 

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Bring the kids

Making Wonderfruit a family affair is not just ok, it's encouraged. With such a strong focus on sustainability, art and wellness, there are plenty of activities and events catered to curious little minds. 

These include art classes, community-building activities like story sharing and sustainable farming workshops. 

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Art abounds

Art is everywhere at Wonderfruit. From mask-making and ceramics workshops to the otherworldly sculptures that cover the festival grounds—like the iconic Solar Stage, a geometrical architecture installation by LA-based architect, designer, artist and inventor Gregg Fleishman, which returns to Wonderfruit each year. 

Whether you want to get your hands dirty and create, or simply marvel at what's already there, there's no shortage of artistic inspiration. 

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