There's always a steady flow of visitors coming in and out of Hong Kong, and the big question remains: "Where do we take them?" Not to mention, it's a great opportunity to see the city with fresh eyes and discover some hidden gems perhaps even we haven't had the chance to discover for ourselves yet. From secret dim sum spots to scenic hikes and trails, we asked the editors here at Hong Kong Tatler for their favourite places to bring out-of-towners

Tung Po

"Like Hong Kong itself, Tung Po dai pai dong is a full-blown assault on the senses with its pumping tunes, deafening chatter, brusque service, bowls of beer and classic Cantonese comfort food. Every visiting friend I’ve ever taken here raves about the experience and always ends up taking a drunken selfie with eccentric wellie-boot wearing owner Robby Cheung."Jakki Phillips, Editor in Chief

Hong Kong Trail and Tsz Shan Monastery

"For a hike, Hong Kong Trail is a great way to see HK; it starts at Parkview and ends in Quarry Bay. Tsz Shan Monastery in Tai Po is also beautiful, but be sure to book an appointment ahead of time."Justine Lee, Fashion Director  

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Walk up to The Peak

"I like to take them for a walk up The Peak but also to do a hike to the South Side so they can see a different side of Hong Kong, most people just think of it as a concrete jungle so it’s nice to show them a greener, more tranquil side to the city. I always do drinks and cake at Sevva, and leave it to Adrian to decide where we take them for food."Christian Barlow, Director of VIP Content and Communications 

Duen Kee

"One of the most frequent requests I get from out-of-town guests is to take them to a proper dim sum feast. While there are plenty of decent stalwarts in the city, I like to surprise them with a trip to Duen Kee, located at the base of Tai Mo Shan, Hong Kong’s tallest mountain. This charming village teahouse is flanked by open watercress fields and fills up with elderly birdkeepers and hikers from the crack of dawn. The experience is two-fold as you’re able to witness Hong Kong’s underrated natural beauty while partaking in a centuries-old food tradition. It’s a hands-on restaurant, too—guests collect their own bowls and chopsticks, and help themselves to what they want from the towers of bamboo steamers hiding all manner of dim sum, from nostalgic steamed Chinese sausage buns to those with a heart of silky egg custard. It’s yum cha, but not as you know it."Charmaine Mok, Editorial Director, Food & Wine

Bowen Road trail to Soho

"A sunset walk along Bowen Road trail. The views shift as you pass through Happy Valley, Wan Chai, Admiralty and finally Central, and they're made even more special as the sun sets and all of the city lights start to come on. You can keep walking from the end of Bowen Road to Caine Road/Elgin Street for dinner and drinks in Soho. Ho Lee Fook is always a good choice for visitors, followed by drinks at Coa or The Old Man."Coco Marett, Digital Editor

Kam Wah Cafe and Temple Street

"I usually take them to Kam Wah Café for their famous pineapple bun, then possibly to Temple Street to get their fortunes told. I just love to see their reactions!"Rosana Lai, Fashion Editor

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Tai O

"Living in the ever-changing city of Hong Kong, it’s easy to forget how life used to be when the cosmopolitan city today was once a fishing village. Tai O takes you back in time with its stilt houses and traditional seafood market, and it’s a hidden gem that most tourists miss when visiting the Big Buddha, which is only a 15-minute taxi ride away."Pearl Yan, Digital Projects Editor

The Pulse

"I always make sure to show people visiting Hong Kong the South side of the island so that they get a good overview of the city. At The Pulse you can dine al fresco after a nice walk on the beach. I also love to point out the stories behind the architecture of every building."—Natasha Tang, Social Media Editor

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"PMQ would be a nice place to go for its unique cultural diversity and touch of artistic glamour in the city. Who wouldn’t love to take a closer look at different artworks and unique design studios and shops?"Helen Yu, Digital Editorial Assistant 

Café Gray Deluxe, Lugard Path and Limewood

"Café Gray Deluxe for its amazing view of the harbour, Lugard Path at The Peak for a walk and Limewood at The Pulse for drinks by the beach."Jacqueline Kot, Editorial Director, Special Projects

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