Each bedsheet for a king-sized bed recycles approximately 268,000 plastic bottles to make and promises the same level of comfort and luxury as guests are already used to.

Starwood Hotels & Resorts is really going green, first with the premiere of its line of eco-friendly ‘1 Hotels’, and now a partnership with Ekocycle for its W Hotels. 

Ekocycle is the brainchild of singer will.i.am and The Coca-Cola Company that uses recycled materials and turns them into new items like clothes, jackets, bags, caps, and more.

With its latest collaboration with the hotel group, it is making plastic bottles into a kind of polyester called rPet, which in turn will be made into bedsheets of the finest luxury quality to be used in the guestrooms of W Hotels. 

Each bedsheet for a king-sized bed requires approximately 268,000 plastic bottles to make. That’s a lot of plastic bottles cleaned up from the streets, ground and ocean and then recycled into something useful again.

The resultant sheets promise the same level of comfort and luxury as guests are already used to in all W Hotels, with the added satisfaction of knowing you’re also helping to save the Earth at the same time. 

The bedsheets have been rolled out in 25 W Hotels in the United States of America and the plan is to have all W Hotels worldwide do the same.

Watch what will.i.am has to say about the initiative in the video below.


(Photo and video: W Hotels) 


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