Cover Image courtesy VistaJet

VistaJet, a private aviation company, will create customised travel adventures tailored to your passions.

Designed exclusively for jet set lifestyle aficionados, VistaJet will provide authentic and customisable travel experiences that will grant travellers access to VVIP destinations typically inaccessible or not well served commercially.

These curated trips are unprecedentedly luxurious and exquisite, allowing travellers to experience the most remote and thrilling adventures around the world.

The global UHNW population is forecast to rise by around 41 per cent from 2017 levels by 2022, and the demand for service, personalised experiences and exclusivity of experience is increasing along with that. According to VistaJet researchers, the concept of global travel is now considered the second most favoured focus for discretionary spending, and a high appreciation of different cultures and experiences over consumer goods means that UHNW travellers are seeking deeper travel experiences.

Most of us travel to discover new cultures through food and art or gain insight into our existing personal interest. For VistaJet Members, those desires are mirrored; the most recurring reasons for travel by private jet include philanthropy, adventure, nature preservation and animals, and exclusive fine dining discoveries.

With this in mind, VistaJet World trips will include a healthy mix of relaxing in unsurpassed comfort and experiencing adrenaline-pumping adventure.

Travellers can expect ultra-exclusive itineraries, including flying over rainforests with experts and becoming the first people outside of research teams to see a deserted hidden city, an international educational tour to visit and live amongst the blue zones; the world’s longest-living communities across Asia, North America and Europe, and even invitation-only access to world renowned chef’s private island, spending a week with cooking lessons and meals.

To find out more about these life-enriching journeys, members can visit the VistaJet Private Office.