The hour-long ASMR-inspired flight video was designed to whisk would-be travellers away—at least until they’re finally able to book that first post-pandemic flight abroad

Virgin Atlantic has just released the first ever Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) inspired flight video designed to showcase the signs and sounds of airline travel that many of us haven’t experienced in over a year.

The incredible virtual travelling experience is supposed to transport would-be travellers onto an international flight by way of the “magical” feeling that comes with taking off toward a dream destination.

“We have missed looking after our customers onboard this past year and cannot wait to welcome them back once restrictions are lifted and travel resumes at scale,” Virgin Atlantic’s chief customer and operating officer, Corneel Koster, shared in a press release earlier this week. “At Virgin Atlantic, we pride ourselves on offering our customers a brilliantly different experience, so the concept of ASMR and giving people that magical tingly feeling, is the perfect tool to remind our customers of the travel experience that awaits them when they come back to the skies with us.”

From the pilot speaking over the PA to the gentle tinkling sound of the drink trolley and the click shut of the seatbelt, Virgin Atlantic aims to capture the sounds that we might not even realise we’re missing by way of ASMR. The resulting physiological response is generally made up of a tingling sensation that starts on the scalp and moves down the neck and the spine.

“ASMR videos allow people to experience the feeling ‘on demand’ and with greater longevity and intensity,” added Dr. Giulia Poerio, Psychology Lecturer at University of Essex. “This has meant that people use ASMR videos for insomnia, to reduce stress and anxiety and even to provide relief from loneliness. It’s perhaps no surprise then that many have turned to ASMR content so much during the pandemic.”

Interested in trying it for yourself? The airline posted both a three-minute teaser and a full one-hour video in order to help future travellers picture themselves going through the motions of a flight from the comfort of home until they’re able to book a post-pandemic flight in real life. 

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