From packing 120 kg for a return trip to having an African wildlife safari honeymoon, we can see why Yiu Lin is an ideal candidate for the TUMI Trailblazers campaign.

In 2013, premium travel accessories brand, TUMI, started an imaginative campaign that resonated with people from all walks of life named 'Global Citizen'.

With the success of the Global Citizen campaign, TUMI initiated a collaboration with over 100 successful leaders of the Asian region – including Malaysians like Joel Neoh, Bryan Loo and Ung Yiu Lin – for the TUMI Trailblazers campaign for Sping 2014.

As one of the Trailblazers, Ung Yiu Lin, founder of KLutched and ShoesShoesShoes, was asked to create an installation inspired by her most memorable travels.

Being in the fashion industry, travel comes as a neccessity to Yiu Lin. Even during her pregnancy and after she had given birth, travel never seems to be an issue.

Here, we take some time off the globetrotting fashionista to talk about all things travel-related from her packing habits, destination bucket list to her exciting honeymoon to South Africa, which includes the Great White Shark Cage Diving experience.

What inspired your TUMI Trailblazers installation?
I took inspiration from my recent trip to Phuket, which was my first post-pregnancy holiday. So I made it based on my entire experience I had with my husband Azlan Iskandar and my daughter Zara. It was also Zara's first overseas getaway.

What does TUMI represent to you?
TUMI represents great quality and standard for travelling.  It is a lifestyle brand that stretches to the whole world with its influences on creating a benchmark for premium travel accessories.

When were you first encounter with TUMI?
It was during my years as a management consultant. In the corporate world, you always see everyone carrying a TUMI luggage or laptop bag, especially the boys. So I got hooked on it too.

What is the one thing you can’t travel without?
I must have my makeup bag with me at all times. Also, my tech-related chargers for both work and play. I also always bring a set of bikini because I have a thing about swimming on holidays – no matter the season.

What was your most memorable trip in the past 12 months?
It’s hard to decide on one because for the past year, I went through three stages of life (pre, during and post pregnancy) and all of them have their own significant trips.

The most recent was a trip to UK with my husband and daughter and it was Zara’s first long haul flight (13 hours).

What is the most outrageous amount of luggage you had travelled with?
Last year on my New York and London 'babymoon' trip with my husband, we came back to Malaysia with 120 kg in 5 bags. In my defence, it was a full blown shopping trip (laughs).

How do you pack for your travels?
I am actually a very organised packer to the point where I have these compartment boxes that you can put into your luggage to sectionalise everything.

I also do snap shots of all my outfits before packing them. That way, I won’t bring unnecessary things. After all, I need space for my shopping during the trip.

How has motherhood changed your travelling ways?
I am always game to take off at any time before my baby came along. Now I have to keep my baby within my sight at all times. So I started bringing her along as well.

Priorities are different when it comes to holidays. Now, Zara's things take up the biggest luggage and I share the smaller ones with my husband.

What kind of traveller are you?
I am a very adventurous traveller. One minute, I can be flying off to Bangladesh and in another minute, I would be in Nepal. I even had a safari honeymoon in South Africa where I did the Great White Shark Cage Diving with Azlan.

Pick one city that you will never get tired of?
If I have to pick, I think I will pick Japan. I will never get tired of Japan. The country has such a strange but amazing vibe that makes me constantly intrigued and excited. It has an very unconventional buzz to it.

What are your travel plans for the rest of the year?
I am going to Korea in August or September. I have Paris in the end of September for fashion week. For the year-end, I am planning a big trip to go as a family because Zara is turning one!

Which city is in your destination bucket list?
I want to go Peru with Zara when she is a little older. A little backpacking trip across South America but obviously, my husband will be carrying her.


(Photos courtesy of Ung Yiu Lin)

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