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Here's your new travel itinerary inspiration straight from the big screen

If there's anything we've learned from the Mission: Impossible franchise, it's that Tom Cruise is a true daredevil, there's no such thing as too many sequels, and that we now have a bunch of travel destinations to tick off from our bucket list.

Here are some of our favourite places as seen in all the movies:

1. Preikestolen in Norway

Ethan Hunt has a habit of hanging onto things—particularly towering cliffs like the famous Preikestolen in Rogaland, Norway as seen in Mission: Impossible - Fallout. Lucky for us, we only have to hold onto our seats and marvel at this steep cliff overlooking crystal blue waters and the 3,640-feet-tall Kjerag mountain. It's quite calming when you're standing on the flat top, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the view.

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2. Old Town Square in Prague

In Mission: Impossible, Ethan is seen running from Charles Bridge to the Old Town Square in Prague after being chased by the authorities. Although the Akvarium restaurant (which is supposedly located near the Old Town Square) seen in the first part of the movie does not exist, these destinations are still worth visiting especially during the holidays.

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3. Dead Horse Point State Park in USA

The Dead Horse Point State Park is a gorgeous view that one can enjoy gazing at if they’re not stressing out about anyone climbing a dangerous cliff like in Mission: Impossible 2. Here, you’ll find pinnacles and buttes and hikers who frequent the trails in the park.

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Tatler Trivia: Based on the legend surrounding this peninsula, it was named Dead Horse Point State Park because cowboys used to round all their horses in this area, including the neck of the peninsula, where the poor mustangs were believed to be forgotten and left for dead for unknown reasons.

4. Burj Khalifa and Meydan Bridge in Dubai

Featured in the Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol film was the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, and the gleaming Meydan Bridge which are both found in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Both are worth visiting in Dubai, both during the day and night, especially the Meydan Bridge that's illuminated with bright LED lights.

5. Rees Valley in New Zealand

In Mission: Impossible - Fallout, the team was supposed to save a small community in Iraq. But the scenes shot on that vast land area was actually filmed in Rees Valley, New Zealand. It was also where the terrifying helicopter hijacking scene was shot.

Tatler Trivia: If you think this valley looks familiar, that's because the area was also used to film Peter Jackson's movie series The Hobbit.

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