Cover Spend the night at a Queen's Gambit-inspired hotel room (Photo: Courtesy of 21c Museum Hotel Lexington)

Having post-Queen's Gambit blues? Spend the night at a Queen's Gambit-inspired hotel room in 21c Museum Hotel Lexington

The Queen's Gambit—the sleeper 2020 hit from Netflix—comes to life in a hotel room in Lexington, Kentucky. Called "The Harmon Room" in 21c Museum Hotels, various 1960s mid-century modern decor that you see in the show is featured in the room, allowing you to relive your The Queen's Gambit fantasies.

Considering that the series is based in Lexington, Kentucky as well as the hometown of Walter Tevis, the author of the book the series is adapted from, the hotel room is the perfect addition to your The Queen's Gambit pilgrimage alongside the landmarks and attractions in Lexington that are featured in the show. In fact, the hotel is partnering up with VisitLex, the tourism authority for Lexington, Kentucky to offer this stay to visitors.

Other than the head-turning costumes, chess sets and Gibson cocktails in the series that had people talking, the vintage accessories and retro aesthetic is also worth admiring.

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The hotel room, unsurprisingly, includes an in-room chessboard (also available for purchase while supplies last) as well as a larger-than-life chessboard in the ceiling, no doubt inspired by Beth Harmon's drug-induced visions of her chess gameplays.

The room is also filled with furniture seen during the 1960s while the walls are covered in a custom chess-themed wallpaper called "The Knight's Gambit" which was exclusively created by Alex K Mason of Ferrick Mason Inc. The Chess Review magazine you see in the series also makes an appearance here including some other rare books.

"The Harmon Room" is only available for a limited time. Upon booking, you can use the preferential code HARMON or call 1-888-831. For more information, please visit the official website.

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