Designed by British artist Damien Hirst, it's for high rollers to stay only for a minimum of two nights

What does the world’s most expensive hotel room look like? Located at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, the Empathy Suite, which is perched 34 floors above the Vegas Strip, is designed by world-renowned British contemporary artist Damien Hirst and overlooks the American city’s famous boulevard. The residential masterpiece is reserved exclusively for million-dollar casino rollers for a minimum of two nights at a princely sum of US$200,000.

From bespoke indoor furniture to wall decals sporting the iconic butterfly motif from Hirst’s debut exhibition in London in 1991, the hotel room is home to six of the artist’s signature installations, each showcasing his eclectic exploration of death as a central theme. One of which is Winner/Loser, a white tank with two suspended bull sharks. An installation from his most prominent series, it features animal carcasses in formaldehyde-filled tanks. Set seamlessly into the wall, the artwork is placed behind a brightly coloured pool table in the game room, greeting guests as they enter the space.

Besides these outstanding works placed in different areas of the suite, art fans will also be thrilled to find that Hirst was personally involved in designing every corner of the room with textiles that feature his signature designs. For example, 104 stone butterflies have been incorporated into the suite’s contemporary marble floor, lending a contemporary feel to its interiors.

Quick Facts about The Empathy Suite of the Palms Casino Resort

  • 9,000 sqft: The size of The Empathy Suite of the Palms Casino Resort
  • US$10,000: The amount of resort credits for guests of The Empathy Suite, which they can spend during their stay
  • US$690m: The cost of the resort’s extensive renovations, which started in January 2017

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