Cover Gigi Hadid and Eleanor Lam at Chiltern Firehouse in London this summer (Photo: @elly/Instagram)

Want to know where Hong Kong's most fabulous spent their summer holidays this year? Scroll through our roundup of this summer's best Tatlergrams below

When you haven’t been able to travel freely for nearly three years, finally getting on a plane and globe-trotting like it’s 2019 again is a feeling that’s hard to put into words. When the Tatler community jetted off this summer, we knew our social media feeds were in for a treat. Luxury vacationing is back, and for those of us still in Hong Kong, Tatler friends provided plenty of travel-inspo. Celeb spotting with Gigi Hadid in London? Check! Island hopping in Greece? Check! Photoshoots in Marrakech? Check!

Here’s a sneak peek into the glamorous ways our friends celebrated summer 2022, and a sign of what is sure to be more holidaying to come.

Eleanor Lam

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