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A new set of rules were introduced following a spike in the number of Covid-19 cases in the community

This week, Singapore has seen a significant uptick in the number of community Covid-19 cases following the discovery of a Covid-19 cluster in Tan Tock Seng Hospital

This has been worrying for the country as it saw the hospital lock down multiple wards, ban visitors from visiting and test all ward staff. 

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The increase in cases has also led to the government imposing some new rules on Singapore in an attempt to curb the spread of the virus. These new regulations were laid out by Education Minister Lawrence Wong, who is co-chair of the Government's Covid-19 multi-ministry task force, at a press conference on Friday evening. 

Read on to find out what new regulations will be in place from May 1.

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Singaporeans urged to limit social gatherings, work from home encouraged

At the press conference, Wong urged Singaporeans to have no more than two social gatherings per day in an attempt to limit the spread of Covid-19. He said that this included visiting another household or visiting a public place.

The limit of eight people per gathering will remain.

Employers should also allow their staff to work from home as far as possible and should limit social gatherings in the workplace.

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The occupancy at certain malls and attractions will be limited

From May 1 to May 14, malls and large standalone stores will have their occupancies reduced to one person per 10 sq m of gross floor area. This is down from one person per 8 sq m.

Popular malls such as Lucky Plaza and Peninsula Plaza will also see their odd and even date entry restrictions resume. 

Outdoor barbeque pits and campsites in parks, HDB estates, condominiums and country clubs will also be closed to the public. 

Attractions around Singapore will also be affected from May 7 to May 14. All attractions that currently have approval from the government to operate at 65 per cent of their capacity will have to reduce this to 50 per cent. 

All long-term pass holders from Bangladash, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka will not be allowed in

Singapore will no longer allow long-term pass holders from Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka to enter or transit through Singapore as a result of a large number of cases there. 

The government is also tightening laws for people with recent travel history to Thailand following a rise in cases.

From May 2, if you have travel history to Thailand, you will need to serve your two-week stay home notice at a dedicated facility. 

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