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According to a global index, Japan continues to remain the most powerful passport in the world

Singapore is the second most powerful passport in the world with Japan coming in first worldwide, according to a new global index. 

The index, which is decided by global citizenship and residence advisory firm, Henley & Partners, ranks passports according to however many destinations they give holders access to without the need for a visa. The list is updated regularly throughout the year. 

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Currently, the Japanese passport gives holders access to 193 destinations without the need for a visa. This is an increase from 191 destinations at the beginning of this year. 

Singapore allows its passport holders access to 192 destinations which is an increase from 190 locations in early 2021. 

This is the second year that Singapore has fallen behind Japan. In 2019, Japan and Singapore were tied for first place. This tie was broken last year when Japan gained easier access into Saudi Arabia. 

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South Korea and Germany follow Singapore in third place with 191 destinations.

Henley & Partners also reported that since 2006, when the index started, the gap in travel freedom is at the widest it has ever been. Japanese passport holders can visit 167 more locations than Afghanistan citizens who are limited to only 26 nations without first getting a visa. 

The index also noted how Britain and the United States are losing their passport strength and have moved to seventh place. They held top spots in 2014. 

China, the index saw, was one of the countries that improved the most. In 2011, China was in 90th position with a score of 40. Today, it is in the 68th place with 77 destinations. 

The index currently does not take into account travel restrictions that have come into effect as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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