At US$75,000 a night, The Mark Hotel's penthouse suite in New York was, up until recently, the world's most expensive hotel suite

With five bedrooms, six bathrooms, four fireplaces and a living room that can be converted into a ballroom with 26-foot ceilings, the 12,000 sqft palatial penthouse is the largest in the US.

We speak to Izak Senbahar, owner of The Mark Hotel, about his infamous property.

Your hotel has a lot of personality. Did you make a deliberate effort to stand out from the other hotels?
Izak Senbahar (IS)
Of course we made an inhuman amount of effort to get here. We wanted you to know from the moment you walked into our dramatic black and white floors that The Mark Hotel will be no ordinary hotel experience.

It was wonderful to see dogs in the hotel. What gave you that idea and how difficult is it to accept dogs in hotels in New York?
IS We like dogs—everyone in our staff like dogs, so we created a dog-friendly environment. All the neighborhood dogs drag their owners to The Mark because our valets have dog treats for them.

They don’t even have to be a guest of the hotel to be treated well, but if they are lucky enough to have owners that stay with us, we spoil them with a special dog menu by Jean Georges.

Do you have a favourite aspect of the hotel?
IS That's like asking which of your children you like better. I would have to say we have a terrific staff. 

The penthouse is sensational. Who do you see staying there?
IS Kings, queens, Hollywood, fashion, heads of states, business honchos, dogs.

I heard there was one guest who stayed in the penthouse for over a year. Why do you think they stayed at your hotel’s penthouse?
IS It was a large family. They were renovating their huge triplex close by, and things took longer than anticipated.

New York has to be one of the world’s most competitive environments for hotels. How do you stay competitive?
IS Keep our eyes on the product. Constantly improve. Create incredible experiences for our guests.

Who are you targeting? How many guests do you get from Asia?
IS We target every influential segment. Our sales and marketing office of 10 members know everyone in the industry. We have all the big names, and that is valid for Asia as well. 

What style of owner are you? Are you a hands-on or hands-off type?
IS How do you call somebody who is more than hands-on?

What are your favourite things to do around the area?
IS Walk in Central Park, go to the Metropolitan Museum, walk the galleries, have lunch at Sant Ambroeus, dinner at The Mark by Jean Georges or Kappo Masa.

How has online booking changed the way you do business, the way you offer services and the way you design your spaces?
IS We work extra hard to drive direct traffic to our website. Our website is informative, user-friendly, easy to navigate and fun. It takes one button and a few strokes to reserve a room. Try it.

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