Fendi makes Foglie di Pietra the newest must-add to your trip to the Eternal City.

The Colosseum, Pantheon, Sistine Chapel—these are just a few of the places that shaped and bore witness to Rome’s storied history, and often make it to any traveller’s itinerary. It’s inevitable to escape the relics of the city’s former glory, and often it is because of its incomparable history that it’s unfairly relegated as a city of the past. 

This thinking is something that Fendi, a brand born and bred in Rome, wants to change with their latest initiative. They’ve just unveiled Foglie di Pietra (Leaves of Stone, 2016), a stunning sculpture by acclaimed Italian artist Giuseppe Penone, which is the first permanent contemporary art sculpture to grace the city’s streets.

Giuseppe Penone's artwork at Largo Goldoni in Rome, Italy. All images courtesy of Fendi

Following the restoration of 6 fountains including the iconic Trevi, which was marked by an unforgettable runway show in 2016, the fashion house reaffirms its commitment to the cultural preservation and development of Rome with their latest gift.

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Standing tall and proud on Largo Goldoni opposite Palazzo Fendi, the commissioned work is a complex creation made of two bronze trees, 18 and 9 metres tall respectively, with interlacing branches. Laid on a sculpted marble block weighing 11 tonnes and set 5 metres off the ground, it has a solid presence that captivates with its organic form and ethereal appeal.

The Foglie di Pietra sculpture is composed of two bronze trees, and a carved marble block with nature-inspired details.


Close-up of the Foglie di Pietra sculpture by Giuseppe Penone.

Close-up of the Foglie di Pietra sculpture by Giuseppe Penone.

This monumental love letter from a brand to its home provides inspiration to locals and visitors alike—and is magnificent modern addition to the Eternal City.

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Watch the installation of this inspiring sculpture here:


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