Singapore's hottest band, which includes Gen T-listers Benjamin Kheng and Sandra Riley Tang, appear in an upcoming episode of TLC travel show “A Taste of Hong Kong"

As one of Asia's most iconic metropolises, Hong Kong has been a tourist magnet for decades. But in the latest season of TLC's "A Taste of Hong Kong", the Hong Kong Tourism Board wants to showcase the lesser known aspects of the city, and they have roped in key opinion leaders from Southeast Asia to spend time with Hong Kong singer-actress-host Josie Ho as she shows them an insider view of her hometown.

This coming Monday, Singapore's very own The Sam Willows, which includes 2017 Generation T listers Benjamin Kheng and Sandra Riley Tang, will be joining Josie in a tour of Hong Kong after dark.

We asked them for a sneak peek of their experience.

Where are the best spots in HK to discover the best up-and-coming bands and singer-songwriters?
The Sam Willows (TSW)
We didn’t have much time to visit a lot of places but there was this one place called Visage One. It’s actually a barbershop in the day but at night it transforms into a cosy music bar for indie musicians! Very cool.

Where are your favourite spots in Hong Kong to party? 
TSW Sky Bar as it overlooks the harbour! Great view, great drinks and great atmosphere. Definitely one of our most memorable experiences in this beautiful city. 

Where are the best places to get supper after clubbing or playing a late-night gig?
TSW We went to one of the more popular cha chaan tengs, Tsui Wah. It has really good food. We didn’t have many nights out, so that was one place we went to. The noodles were great—but then again, the noodles everywhere in Hong Kong are great in general.

Where are your favourite spots to chill out and relax in Hong Kong?
TSW We were staying in Lan Kwai Fong hotel and just down the road were a lot of cafes with great coffee and salads. It’s a nice area to chill out and cafe hop. There are so many of these nice cafes around that you’d be able to pop into any of them and just have a great time hanging out.

The Sam Willows at MOM Livehouse, where they watched local bands and were invited to perform as special guests.

What is one thing you think most visitors don’t know about Hong Kong that you would like them to know? 
TSW When you go to Hong Kong, it’s nice to visit the touristy sights but there is so much more to the city. There’s so much to explore here and there’s always something exciting. It’s always good to have a local friend who knows all the cool hidden spots and secret entrances to the speakeasies.

The “Hong Kong After Dark” episode of A Taste of Hong Kong featuring The Sam Willows  will air on TLC this Monday (28 August) at 9.55pm. 

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