Cover The Sai Kung WM Hotel is the newest hotel to add to your staycation list (Photo: Kris Provoost)

The Sai Kung WM Hotel's design is a homage to the former fishing village and will include a swimming pool, private garden, amphitheatre and more

You can add a new hotel to your staycation list. The Sai Kung WM Hotel is a three-storey hotel that's situated along the shoreline, facing the South China Sea. Opening in August, it's set to become Sai Kung's newest attraction.

The new hotel has 260 rooms and offers retail and wedding services. Helming the design is architectural firm Aedas who previously worked on the West Kowloon high-speed rail terminus, Ocean Park Marriot and Hotel Indigo. They have offices across Asia, Europe, Middle East and USA.

"The allure of Sai Kung lies in the idyllic lifestyle it promotes. Visitors amble the regional market centre of Sai Kung Town, feast on seafood and a wide range of delicacies. Our vision is then to create a contemporary statement with a rural overtone. The integrated yet discrete building blocks respects this tradition while standing as a rejoinder to the now diverse, modern lifestyle experience in Sai Kung," says Cary Lau, executive director of Aedas to Tatler.

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To ensure harmony with Sai Kung's landscape, the hotel is designed to cohere with the low-rise structures in the district. There will be a swimming pool and private gardens on the roof, which double up as a medium for reducing solar heat gain.

Over at the seafront, the zig-zag composition creates two sunken plazas which on one hand, a set of stairs lead up to a chapel in the wedding garden which is designed to maximise sea view and provide ceremonial photo-taking opportunities.

On the other hand, in the retail plaza, an amphitheatre seating theatre can host events and performances. Further out, visitors can indulge in food and beverage along the waterfront, combining commercial, entertainment and services against the backdrop of an exquisite sea view.

As a homage to Sai Kung's past as a traditional fishing village, the hotel is disintegrated into human-scale blocks, taking on the shape of fishing boats. The facade is constructed with various shades of timber and white aluminium panels—these contrasting colours elevates the building's stature to a more dynamic, three-dimensional body.

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This article was originally published on July 28, 2021 and was updated on August 25, 2021.

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