Cover Paris, France-08 04 2020:People seated at a café terrace in the Place Colette in Paris facing the Comedie-Francaise theater.The Place Colette is a square which is bordered by the Palais-Royal and the Comédie-Française.

British website Inkifi analysed 75 cities worldwide to rank the most creative ones, considering a selection of inspirational factors in the realms of art, music, architecture... The City of Light clearly leads the pack, outshining London and New York.

According to Inkifi, culture buffs should travel to Paris, the city that counts the highest concentration of theatres and historical monuments per square miles. 

Paris is also a street art city. Instagrammers have posted over 824,000 street art images taken in Paris, one of the key areas of The World's Most Creative Cities ranking

The second and third most creative cities are respectively Barcelona and Dublin, with 38.03 and 31.82 out of 100, while Paris boasts an 80.92% overall score.

Barcelona ranks high thanks to its concentration of historical monuments and statues, while Dublin counts over 30 comedy clubs.

London ranks fourth, however, it remains a European favourite destination for drama lovers, since it counts over 200 theatre halls.

Tel Aviv, New York and Milan also rank high in "The World's Most Creative Cities."

The Big Apple is the top American city for cultural events and the leading spot worldwide for the number of hometown music artists. It precedes Los Angeles (8th), Miami (9th), San Francisco (12th), Chicago (13th) and Orlando (18th).

To establish this ranking, Inkifi assembled data from various sources such as YouGov, Instagram, Ahrefs, TripAdvisor and Euromonitor.

Here are the 10 most creative cities worldwide:

  1. Paris
  2. Barcelona
  3. Dublin
  4. London
  5. Tel-Aviv
  6. New York
  7. Milan
  8. Los Angeles
  9. Miami
  10. Porto
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