Cover Covid-19 measures will continue to change as more get vaccinated

From allowing more people back to work to increasing the capacity of weddings and other events, take note of these new rules in Singapore

More Covid-19 measures were eased for Singaporeans on Wednesday (March 24) during a Covid-19 multi-ministry task force meeting. With new limits that benefit vaccinated individuals, read on to find out what you can and cannot do from April 5.

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More employees can return to the workplace

More employees will be allowed to return to the workplace from April 5 and split team arrangements will no longer be mandatory according to co-chair of the Covid-19 multi-ministry task force, Lawrence Wong.

He said in the meeting that the country will begin to shift from working-from-home as a default mode to a more “flexible and hybrid way” of working.

With the new rules, up to 75 per cent of employees who are currently able to work from home can now be at the workplace. This is up from the current 50 per cent.

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The current limit on the time an employee spends at the workplace will also be lifted.

Mr Wong said: “We will no longer mandate the requirement for splitting teams, but we will strongly encourage employers to still stagger the start times and implement flexible working hours, and of course, employers must continue to implement all prevailing safe management measures,”

Restrictions against cross-deployment across workplaces will continue to remain in place.

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Team bonding events will allowed

With the new measurements, social and recreational gatherings, which include team bonding events organised by employers, will now be allowed. However, such gathering will continue to be limited to no more than 8 people.

The authorities said: “In organising work-related events, companies are reminded to adhere to the necessary safe distancing and capacity limits to keep employees and stakeholders safe."

They added that meals should not be the main event of such events as this might increase the risk of transmission.

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Weddings will be allowed to increase their capacities

Marriage solemnisations, wedding receptions and live performances can have increased capacities from next month. This is as long as pre-event testing is implemented for all attendees.

However, attendees who have taken both doses of a Covid-19 vaccine at least 2 weeks before the event will not have to be tested.

From April 24, the capacity for marriage solemnisation will be increased from 100 to 250 attendees. This will include the couple but will exclude the licensed solemniser and vendors. They will be restricted to zones for 50 people each.

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For solemnisation that will include over 100 attendees, testing will be required. If there are less than 100 guests, testing will not be required.

The wedding reception will also be allowed to have 250 guests. This is up from the current 100 guests.

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Live events will be allowed to increase their capacities

Live performances will be allowed to have 750 attendees as long as testing is done beforehand.

The Singapore Tourism Board will also be piloting business-to-business events. These events will need to be approved beforehand and they will be allowed to have up to 750 guests in zones of 50 each as long as pre-event testing is conducted. Events without testing will be allowed to have up to 250 attendees.

The rules and limits are the same with seated spectator sports events that are currently being piloted and approved by SportSG.

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Wakes and funerals will have an increased capacity

Currently, wakes and funerals are only allowed to have 30 guests. With the new measures, the cap will be raised to 50 on the day of burial or cremation. The limit of 30 guests will remain for other days of the wake.

The ministry added that these guidelines are a work-in-progress and that they are looking at more flexibilities for those who are vaccinated.

They also added that vaccinations have now been opened for Singapore residents aged 45 to 59 and that letters will not be sent to this group as they are more tech-savvy. Individuals will have to register their interest online

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