Cover The Aman private jet is the Bombadier Global 5000

Luxury, privacy and adventure are yours to enjoy onboard this gorgeous aircraft

Imagine travelling to the world’s most scenic destinations on a private jet that moves at your preferred pace.

From flexible departure times to custom-curated journeys, the Aman private jet  lets you do that and more. When travel restrictions are lifted and it's safe to roam again, consider this form of travel, which promises to be the trip of a lifetime.

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Inside the Aman private jet

Accommodating up to 12 passengers, this Bombadier Global 5000 personal aircraft is among the most luxurious and spacious of its kind in the world.

Within its plush interior, travellers will enjoy such perks as a tea ceremony and luxury amenities like the all-natural Aman Skincare.

Which destination, you ask? From rugged mountains to breezy coastlines, travellers can decide on their own itinerary before jetting off to exotic locations where there are Aman properties—or even non-Aman destinations. Choose your journey with the Aman Jet Concierge who will ensure that every detail is taken care of – from check-ins to personalised in-flight menus and even customs clearance, which is overseen by a team of Aman experts.

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Journeys and destinations

Multi-destination jet journeys are available via bespoke travel itineraries like Bali & Beyond, From The Himalayas to the Sea, or Indochina Past & Present, which ranges from a four to nine-night stay at luxurious Aman properties across Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. These journeys include private tours of historical sites and exclusive privileges such as bespoke spa treatments and unique culinary experiences at Aman resorts.

Travellers can also look forward to exploring European destinations and their corresponding Aman properties, available as single destination journeys from London to Amanzoe in Greece, Amanruja in Turkey, Amanejena in Morocco and Aman Sveti Stefan in Montenegro.

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More perks 

Next year, Aman is partnering with Remote Lands to offer guided private Jet Expeditions onboard the luxurious Airbus ACJ 318. On these expeditions which range from 14 to 21 days long, travellers can visit up to nine different countries at a time, with trips from Kyoto to Greece (available Apr 16–May 2, 2021), Bali to Luang Prabang (May 9–24, 2021) and Venice to Utah (Feb 16–March 1, 2021).

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