Food has evolved from a necessity to a sophistication, dominating our Instagram feeds and hashtags with the hedonism of the edibles. If you’ve moved on from Insta-worthy museums and on the prowl for a trendy food selfie, take it to the next level at these museums that pay homage to all things food. Whether it’s a kimchi obsession, an avocado affection or an undying flame for Malaysian classics, these interactive meccas are large enough to feed all foodie appetites.

Museum of Food & Drink, Brooklyn

Fondly known as MOFAD, this museum in Williamsburg, Brooklyn gets educational about food, with a goal to be the world’s premiere food museum and resource for foodies. MOFAD invites the curious to taste, touch and smell various food themes, stimulating discussions between food producers, chefs, educators and consumers. Among some tasty offerings include a monthly Chow Culinary Studio series of Chinese American cuisine, dining experiences of Edible History menus, an an inaugural Spring Spirits showcasing global cocktails.


Ramen Museum, Shin-Yokohama

There’s oodles of noodles to get tangled in at the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum, the first food-themed amusement park offering a plethora of Ramen variations from across Japan. Within the attraction, noodle lovers will find 9 ramen shops immortalised in a street scene of 1958 Japan -- the year instant ramen was invented. The complex houses a ramen history gallery, a speciality museum shop, dagashi-ya ‘candy stores’ and of course, a floor wholly dedicated to famous ramen shops.

 The Cado Museum, San Diego

From hippies to millennials, the avocado toast has been ripe for the picking and will finally have its very own pop-up art experience in San Diego, June 16. The CADO is an immersive experience that will take place through summer, featuring 16 shipping containers of activities sprawled across a 6,700 sq ft space. What can be expected from this buzzy installation is a full sensory experience of the ‘green ombre-colored flesh’ simulating the avocado’s skin texture, and the versatilities of this fruity superfood.

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Wonderfood Museum, Penang

Where better than food capital Penang to open a museum celebrating Malaysia’s vibrant food heritage? Wonderfood Museum specialises in beloved local street and home cooking, replicated into larger-than-life specimens of mouthwatering art. Local and international visitors will be wiping dribble at the sight of realistic giant bowls of ice kacang and Penang laksa, massive settings of Malay kenduri, Chinese banquets, and Indian banana leaf feasts, and even photo opportunities of culinary action scenes like teh tarik and wok tossing!

Museum Kimchikan, Seoul

Can’t pass up a second/third helping of this tangy and spicy Korean banchan? Good news is you can indulge to your heart’s content of kimchi and kimjang at the Museum Kimchikan of Seoul. The museum has been recognised as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity for its role in preserving the kimchi-making process, where visitors can get a rundown of the fermented veggie’s history, different tastes and types, as well as try their hand at making the delicacy – an invaluable skill, if you ask us!


SPAM Museum, Texas

When we learned of the SPAM Museum, suddenly the world seemed like a better place. Located in Austin, Texas, the museum of spiced canned pork brings SPAM lovers into the depths of its flavourful history, through interactive exhibitions, events, SPAM fun facts, merchandise, and simulated processing facilities. You'll leave with a more intimate relationship with the iconic food, and some SPAM-tastic selfies that will induce major food envy among your friends!

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The Egg House, NYC

Way before avocado, the humble egg was revered in a number of ways, from an elegant poach and a crisp sunny-side, to the low-frills scramble. The Egg House is something to get ‘egg-cited’ about for egg aficionados, carried out through an interactive experience in an NYC pop-up. Each room is more photogenic than the last, where you can choose your perch the kitchen among life-size eggs-in-a-carton, the garden where eggshells double as swings, and the pool, where no one will judge as you free-dive moment into plastic egg bliss…

Currywurst Museum, Berlin

Texas has its SPAM, Berlin has its sausage obsessive nation to feed at the Currywurst Museum. Fanatics of the world-famous spicy snack can go on a binge at the museum that documents early days of its invention, the influence it had in pop culture, and even a Currywurst-making demo, followed by an interactive spice chamber with sniffing stations, finishing at a sausage sofa to plop on. You’re not a seasoned Berlin tourist until a visit to this Currywurst haven.

 Ice Cream Museum, NYC

Ah, ice-cream. The cold and creamy flavours of childhood bliss will always have a place in our adult hearts, and the Museum of Ice Cream knows it! Now and then, the famed NYC museum throws themed events, its latest being The Pint Shop. An interactive grocery shopping experience, this ice-cream ‘joint’ takes visitors through immersive installations, tasting experiences, and even a chance to ‘pitch your pint’ to deliver your MOIC ice cream flavour!

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Cadbury World, Birmingham

Consider yourself a chocoholic? Then Cadbury World in Birmingham, UK, will put your love to the test, with a whole host of chocolatey experiences. Here, you’ll learn everything from the making of chocolate, its historical evolution, the Cadbury brand, and chocolate demonstrations that result in jaw-dropping masterpieces. There are also play areas for junior chocolate fans, from a 4D chocolate adventure, to a purple interactive planet. Have your fill of chocolate at the Cadbury café, and don’t leave without souvenirs from the world’s biggest Cadbury shop!

Alimentarium, Switzerland

If your fascination transcends taste and pretty plating, but more on its nourishing proponents, the Alimentarium is the world’s first-ever food-themed museum that explores the human diet. Activities in this Swiss Vevey museum are are tailored to educate gourmet geeks with its cultural, historical and scientific approach. Powered by digital technology, participants are led through an exploration of the food sector and its various society and human body impacts, a choice of cooking classes, or a frolic through an educational vegetable garden.