Cover British interior designer Celia Sawyer took care of the concept’s interior, which includes a cinema room for enjoying films on the water (Photo: Celia Sawyer/Instagram)

The luxury “Escalade” superyacht also features marble flooring and a glass-bottomed tub

Cinephiles and avid sailors have something new to ogle over—an ultra-luxe new superyacht called that will feature its very own onboard movie theatre.

The “Escalade” concept by Dutch firm Anwigema will also be the first of its kind to feature a Trimonoran hull—an impressive combination of a monohull and a trimaran hull, which is made up of three slimmer hulls that provide up to 30 percent more space than a similar sized monohull vessel.

The Trimonoran hull is available for both sailing and motor yachts, and is approved by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs as well as the Foundation Coordination Maritime Research.

“The hull provides top speed and stability with less power/energy because of the hull shape and hydrofoils under the body,” designer Baran Akalin told CNN. “Her body also allows [for] smoother sailing than standard hulls. The hull cuts the waves very politely.”

The inventive yacht boasts an estimated sailing speed of around 42 knots and a 25-metre total length which leaves plenty of space for onboard extras. British interior designer Celia Sawyer took care of the concept’s interior, which includes a massive saloon, marble floors, mirrored ceilings, four spacious ensuite cabins, sunbathing areas, a garage with space for two jet skis, a glass-bottomed bathtub and of course, a cosy cinema room for enjoying films on the water.

According to CNN, the concept for this superyacht has been in the works for 20 years before Akalin and fellow designer G. Jelle Bikert felt it was ready for production.

“She is the design that meets the needs of the modern world,” Aklain said, explaining that the project would be expected to take between six to 10 months to complete when funding is secured “with the right planning.”

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