With this current tropical heat wave, all that is on our minds is a much needed trip to the beach! Taking a dip into some our phenomenal crystal clear waters and enjoying a little bit of paradise seems like a top notch idea, doesn't it? Before heading off to your favourite haunts, or trying out some new hot spots, undiscovered locations or tranquil hide-aways, don’t forget to pack your beach essentials!

Take these #TatlerTips to make sure you take what you need!

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Do not go to the beach and forget your sun protection! Make sure your sunblock has both UVA and UVB protection in order to sheild your skin from pre-mature aging and the damaging, dangerous effects of too much sun exposure.

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Beach Bag

Do not leave home without a cute beach tote! Make sure that the material can get sandy and that it is somewhat water-resistant!

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Propper beach footwear is essential. Pick out your favourite, stylish flip-flops that are sand and sea ready! 

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A beach wrap, or a sarong is a useful addition that you should bring along with you. Use it to lay on the sand, cover-up or even use as a make-shift dress or skirt! If it gets chilly when you go indoors or at night, use it as a pashmina/shawl too! 

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A beach cover-up is a must. When you pop out of the water and want to hangout on the sand, walk around or spend time doing other beach activites, throw this on and you are all set -- good to go! 

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Protect your eyes from the sun's rays, while looking extra hot by rocking your favourite sunglasses! Why not! 

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Beach Towel 

Find yourself a stylish, statement towel that will mark your spot on the sand. 

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To make your trip all the more fun, bring along some water-resistant or water-proof speakers. Blasting your favourite beach tunes and dancing by the ocean makes for a memorable weekend, don't you think?

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Summer Hat 

There is no better occacion to rock a wide brimmed or straw hat! 

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Power Bank

Since there is most likely going to be a lack of electrical outlets, pack a power bank to juice up your smart phone. Wouldn't want to miss out on taking some instagram worthy photos! 

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Cleansing Wipes

After hours under the sweltering sun, freshen up with some towelettes to keep yourself feeling fantastic. 

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Post-Sun Care

After all that swimming and tanning, be sure to nourish both your skin and your hair. Dermalogica After Sun Repair has a gel-like consistency that is sure to moisturise. Clinique After Sun Rescue Balm is another great product that will help make sure you do not peel. For hair concerns, try Fekkai Après Soleil Crème, a lightweight moisturiser to hydrate your lucious locks.