Taking to the skies, Maison Valentino announces its support for Air France and KLM's Sustainable Air Fuel programme

Travel is back, and offsetting carbon emissions is in style (and with hope, here to stay). 

Maison Valentino has announced an agreement in support of Air France and KLM's Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) corporate programme, which encourages companies to play an active role in the future of sustainable travel.

In line with Maison Valentino's 'green transition' goals, the partnership will help estimate the CO2 emissions associated with their travel to determine the annual contribution they would like to give to the programme.

For years, Air France and KLM have been involved in research and development programmes in the realm of alternative fuels. In 2011, the two airline companies were among the first to operate commercial flights with sustainable fuels obtained from waste oils, recycling materials and forest residues, as opposed to harmful fossil fuels.

These can be incorporated in aircrafts without modifying the motor, while reducing emissions by up to 80%. 

Ultimately, the aim of Air France and KLM is to reduce their total CO2 emissions per passenger/km of 50% compared to 2005. Air France and KLM also commit to work with all their stakeholders and public authorities to achieve a lofty goal of zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

“We are pleased to join forces with Air France and KLM in this important initiative supporting the SAF programme, whose green transition objectives we entirely share and support. As a brand, we are proud to share our collective voice to promote positive change," sayd Jacopo Venturini, CEO of Maison Valentino. "We believe that support in the research and development of alternative solutions aimed at reducing CO2 emissions is fundamental to continue sustaining production of sustainable fuel. This partnership adds to our growing commitment in giving back to the territory and to collectivity – a sense of responsibility developed with great attention in every step and action we take in a more conscious direction.” 

Watch this space. 


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