Lara Sophia Ainuddin takes us on her personal journey as she learns a little bit more about  Geneva.

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Snowy mountains perfect for skiing, luxury watches perfect for collecting and chocolates perfect with just about anything: not everything Switzerland is known for, but just a couple of reasons why it makes a for wonderful vacation.

Geneva, its second most populous city, wears its Swiss credentials loud and proud. The financial hub and international centre of diplomacy offers plenty for the average, as well as more adventurous visitor.

We caught up with Lara Sophia Ainuddin, youngest daughter of Dato' Zaha Rina Zahari, who travelled halfway across the world - from Sydney where she currently studies - to spend time with her family, as well as learn a little bit more about Geneva.

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The fountain: Jet d'Eau (water jet)

I learned that a must do in Geneva is a walking tour around the town! St. Pierre Cathedral, Place du Bourg-de-Four, and the Jet d'Eau are walking distances of each other and really gives you a feel of the architectural and historical beauty of Geneva. A must eat in Geneva is Restaurant Chez ma Cousine where they serve half a chicken with potatoes and salad at the reasonable price of 15 Swiss francs, amongst other delicious food!

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Geneva is also a great base city to other great swiss destinations which are all assessable by train, such as St Moritz for a bit of skiing and the most beautiful ice lake, the Ospizio Bernini, which was an awe moment for me, personally.

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I had to prepare for the cold weather from having summer in Australia to Blistering cold of Switzerland. Though the swiss have incredible indoor heating systems which makes you hardly notice the cold outside. Language was also something that I needed to adjust to once arriving in Geneva. The ability to speak French is an asset, however it was never really a necessity as the locals were very accepting and more than happy to speak English.

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I fully believe that I am a winter baby at heart and I handle the cold much better than I handle heat. Dressing up is also more fun in the cold and gave me a chance to experiment with layering and trying out different styles. Overall I prefer snow and cold, but a little sand and heat can be a refreshing short term change.

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I would, without a doubt go back to Switzerland. A country with so much culture and personality having predominantly French, German, Italian influences, architecture, picturesque scenery, and of course, being the land of chocolate helps! 

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Dato' Zaha Rina Zahari

My dream vacation would definitely have to be somewhere like Greece and/or Turkey or even the North Americas! Not only to experience beautiful scenery and gorgeous landscapes, to feel the way of life and culture of the people, learning about how different people live and are shaped by their surroundings in different parts of the world .

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A vacation should be more than just a holiday. To travel anywhere, to experience anything foreign from yourself, to take chances on new experiences or activities, to learn about people and personalities of the world and a little bit more about yourself, should be the dream!

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