Cover Travel in style with in this exclusive private jet. (Photo:Jet Edge)

The converted Boeing 737 will run you anywhere between US$12,000 to US$20,000 per hour

While President Joe Biden had originally planned to take the humble Amtrak train from his home in Wilmington, Delaware to Washington DC for his inauguration, due to safety concerns he was forced to make other plans—much more luxurious plans, in fact.

According to a recent Forbes article, President Biden and his team chartered a Boeing 737 that had reportedly been converted into a high end business jet by way of private aviation company Jet Edge.

While a typical 737 is large enough to seat about 150 passengers in total, the modified aircraft limits the number of passengers to just 16—with added conference rooms, dining tables, private bedrooms, and even ensuite showers for guests to enjoy at their will. This particular 737 can service one-way flights as long as 14 hours gate-to-gate and has seen just 9,000 flight hours since it first hit the skies in 1999.

The luxurious jet is much more eco-friendly than other jets—including earlier 737s—which can be a major factor in booking private aviation. “This BBJ is 15 to 20 percent more efficient than its predecessors, consuming less fuel and producing lower emissions,” Boeing spokesman Captain Alex Fecteau told Robb Report last year.

Interested in booking a flight on the exact jet that President Biden took to his inauguration last week? It’ll cost you. Chartering a typical BBJ flight will cost you anywhere between US$12,000 to US$20,000 per hour, including the positioning time before takeoff and after touch down.

It’s also worth noting that although President Biden’s flight was quite brief in length (at just 28 minutes), the private aircrafts are typically used for much longer flights—but there are always exceptions for special short haul flights like, you know, getting to your own presidential inauguration.

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