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If you want to escape the city, look no further then Peng Chau. Here we list the best things to eat, see and do on the tiny island

The typical vision of quintessential Hong Kong might be that of a bustling metropolis, but the city is also home to plenty of pockets where life is a little slower and more rustic.

Peng Chau, located northeast of Lantau, is a tiny, one square kilometre island that’s best known for its temples and seafood. The entire island is navigable within an hour’s walk, so there’s no reason not to take in all the sights.

To visit, simply hop on a ferry from Central Pier 6––and we're letting you know everything to do, see and eat and drink while you're there.

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What To Do

Visit temples
Peng Chau's Tin Hau Temple is one of many similar temples across the city, where fishermen pray for safety and good fortune at sea.

The most eye-catching temple on the island, however, is Lung Mo Temple, a red and gold building on the beach overlooking the ocean. Dedicated to the Dragon Mother, it houses a “dragon bed” that’s believed to bring good luck upon touching it.

There’s also the Seven Sisters Temple, surrounded by trees and said to help improve needlework and fertility. Finally, the Golden Flower Shrine is another site said to grant visitors generations of descendants. It’s particularly lively during Lady Golden Flower’s festival, which sees the shrine filled with dragon and lion dances.

Explore heritage sites
Aside from its temples, Peng Chau also features 19th and 20th century buildings like the Sing Lei Hap Gei Lime Kiln Factory, the Great China Match Company Factory and the Peng Chau Theatre.

Although the buildings have since fallen into disuse, the remains of the structures evidence industries and entertainments of days past.

Some of the island’s streets, filled with street art and quirky antique shops, still look like something out of 1970s Hong Kong, too, so you’ll want to keep your phone out for plenty of snaps for Instagram.

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Go for a hike or bike ride
Motor vehicles aren’t permitted on the island—but then why would you want to grab a cab when you can walk or bike instead? Although Peng Chau means “flat island” in Cantonese, it does have one modest peak in the form of the 312-foot-tall Finger Hill. Take a leisurely, 45-minute walk along Family Trail to the top, where you can take in views of Lamma Island, Southside, Disneyland, Discovery Bay, and Tsing Ma Bridge. Catch the sunset for an even more picturesque panorama.
A quieter yet no less scenic walk is along Peng Yu Path, a concrete path that leads you through beaches with ocean views. Walk from Tai Lei Bridge and finish at Old Fisherman’s Rock at a peaceful, remote beach.
Alternatively, consider renting a bike by the hour for cheap from a nearby bike rental shop—try Yan He Dan Che (研合單車)on 16 Wing On Street.

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Where To Eat

Hoi King Seafood Restaurant

Get your fill of dim sum at Hoi King Seafood Restaurant, an old-school dim sum and Cantonese food joint where dishes are prepared in stacked up bamboo steamers.

G/F 13-15 Wing On Side Street, Peng Chau

Faai Che Cha Chaan Teng

If it’s fresh seafood you’re after, visit Faai Che Cha Chaan Teng (快車茶餐廳)—literally “fast car cha chaan teng” in Cantonese. Despite being named as a cha chaan teng, it serves up dishes like fresh shrimp and crab, sweet and sour fish, and fish soup with deep fried tofu balls.

You’ll want to book ahead for the best selection of dishes. Alternatively, bring your own seafood and they’ll cook it up for you for a fee.

G/F, 53 Wing On Street, Peng Chau

Kee Sum Cafe

For a quick bite, visit Kee Sum Cafe and order the popular prawn toast with an iced milk tea.

Shop B, G/F, 3 Wing On Street Peng Chau

A Noy Bakery

If you're looking for desserts and sweets when in Peng Chau, don't miss A Noy Bakery, where traditional snacks and baked goods like soybean sesame biscuits are prepared fresh in the early morning.

G/F, 11 Wing Hing Street, Peng Chau

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HoHo Kitchen

HoHo Kitchen is another great bet for a sweet treat on the island.

The cute cafe puts a Hong Kong twist on ice cream sandwiches by serving warm pineapple buns stuffed with ice cream. A must try!

G/F, 29 Wing On Street, Peng Chau

Island Table Grocer Cafe

Opened in 2020, Island Table Grocer Cafe serves homemade pastries, pizzas, coffees and more. While it's usually packed in the afternoon, make your way there in the morning to grab the best seats by the window and people watch the hours away. The cafe also stocks a small selection of Western groceries from cheese, pasta to other lessen-seen cooking essentials on the island. 

G/F, No. 9C Wing Hing Street, Peng Chau;

Chill Chill Country

One of the most welcoming places on the island, Chill Chill Country stocks a variety of wellness products including candles, palo santo, vintage finds and a wide range of CBD goods such as bath bombs, body creams, coffee and more. The owner also whips up the most delicious cups of homemade coffee—try a cup of their dirty coffee or opt for a refreshing espresso tonic. As you soak up island's slow, relaxing energy at Chill Chill Country's outdoor seating area, be sure to give the store's friendly bulldog some love. 

G/F, 21 Wing On Street, Peng Chau

Second Serve Coffee

Blending together tennis and hot cups of coffee, Second Serve Coffee is opened by a husband and wife duo in January this year to make their dream of opening a tennis coffee shop come true. 

Serving all sorts of pastries such as doughnuts, pies and bagels, fuel up with one of their daily special baked goods before signing up for a tennis lesson with the restaurant's co-owner, an Australian USPTA Elite tennis coach. Lessons are held right next door at the connected indoor tennis court—which means you'll be able to go back to the cafe for seconds afterwards. 

Shop 10, Monterey Villas, Peng Chau;

Where To Shop

Sun Sat Store

Curiosities are abound at Sun Sat Store, a quaint shop selling vintage flea market finds from across the globe as well as local handicrafts.

There’s an al fresco cafe area where you can grab a drink and some cake atop a table made from vintage sewing machine parts.

The shop is only open on Saturdays and Sundays, but you might catch them during the week, too, if you’re lucky. Although only in Chinese, you can check its Facebook page for updates.

27 Wing Hing Street, Peng Chau,

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Leather Factory

Also known as "My Secret Garden", this grade III historic former leather factory now houses antiques for sale as well as old photos of the property and rotating artworks.

Wing On Street, Peng Chau

Chiu Kee Porcelain Factory

Chu Kee Porcelain Factory is where you can find hand-painted pottery pieces by late former porcelain factory worker Lam Hon-chiu.

His wife, ceramic painter Lam Kew, also runs ceramic painting workshops that you can book in advance by calling ahead.

Wing On Street, Peng Chau; 9193 8044

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Hoi Sing 

Selling everything from books and magazines to handmade soap from Peng Chau and artisanal chocolate, Hoi Sing is an experimental urban space that's also home to Hong Kong's seasonal island zine, Islanders. 

Hoi Sing;

5+2’s Studio

Opened by artist 5+2, 5+@'s Studio is the artist's gallery space to showcase and sell her art pieces. Pick up one or two of her postcards as a reminder of your Peng Chau trip before you leave.

G/F, Block 5, 21 Wing On Street, Peng Chau;

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This article was originally published on May 22, 2020 and was updated on March 17, 2021.

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