The co-founder and director of Lightfoot Travel shares her travel tips and memories

Lucy Jackson may have grown up in the UK, but she's always had family roots in Asia; her great-great-grandfather was Sir Thomas Jackson, who helped the financing of Hong Kong as an economic centre through his chairmanship of HSBC back in the late 1800s. It was this connection that eventually brought Lucy to Hong Kong in her 20s.

An avid traveler all her life, Lucy was destined to work in the travel industry. In 2009, she co-founded Lightfoot Travel—a company that offers personalised luxury travel itineraries to discerning clients—in Singapore before opening a Hong Kong office in 2011. These days, Lucy runs her business out of Bali, where she is now based with her husband and two kids. 

Get to know Lucy a bit better in our latest edition of How I Travel:

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Last trip?

Europe for the summer—catching up with friends, family and the Lightfoot Travel London team. We managed to squeeze in a week’s holiday to Greece, where I spent many childhood summers. It was wonderful to introduce our young boys, to the untouched beauty of North-Eastern Corfu with their grandparents, making new memories in much loved olive groves and local tavernas. 

Next trip?

A weekend escape to the luxury wellness retreat, REVĪVŌ in Bali with my husband, Callaghan. Lightfoot Travel will be officially launching our wellness division in the next six months, and some of the team are testing the best options on offer in APAC and beyond to ensure that we have everything ready to go.

On the bucket list?

Antarctica, Botswana, Seychelles and French Polynesia. Now that I live in Bali, I’m keen to explore Indonesia’s tropical hot-spots in the further eastern parts of the archipelago. There are some incredible phinisi boats and it’s the best way to jump around from place to place. I’m also keen to do the family-friendly destination of New Zealand, and maybe some wine tasting in Margaret River or California.

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What do you love most about traveling?

I love the introduction to new cultures and soaking up the landscapes. Seeing the highlights and having the time to relax into the pace of the country I’m experiencing. I also love the juxtaposition of one country and the next and am fascinated about how our lives can be so divergent dependent on our environment.

Most memorable travel experience?

Our honeymoon to Namibia, up on the Skeleton coast. I’m drawn to wilderness experiences and the Hoanib river had flooded areas that hadn’t seen water for up to ten years, which resulted in unusual activity with the desert-adapted animals.

Flying across desert we could see herds of elephants beneath us with the giraffes lolloping across the floodplain chancing views of them coming to quench their thirst at the riverside.

And the worst?

Being stuck on the edge of the Atacama Desert at a border crossing between Argentina and Chile. A group of us had been hitchhiking and got stuck on the freight train equivalent of ‘La Tren a las Nubes’ (Train to the Clouds) and hadn’t showered for five days. The border officials at Paso de Jama got on board with the fact we needed a lift, so split us up onto the local trucks and I can only imagine the stink of us all!

For some reason, we ended up doing a rendition of the song ‘American Pie’ over the truckers internal comms system, and were literally stuck with whiskey and rye (dried bread) at 13800ft in Los Flamencos National Park pretending we were a group of famous singers. In the end, I think everyone believed us!

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One place you’d visit over and over again?

The English countryside. There’s nothing quite like the beautiful historic houses and the verdant green rolling hills of the South Downs National Park, only a stone’s throw from London. It’s my spiritual home.

Three things you always travel with?

A camera (although my husband is the professional photographer!), sunglasses and an open mind.

What do you read on the plane?

I always have a book on the go but these days it’s hard to get through a page with two small children, so I tend to take the latest Condé Nast Traveller magazine. In the evenings I’ll get properly stuck into my latest novel—usually historic or travel fiction.

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Favourite travel companion?

My family.

Aisle or window seat?

Aisle—I like to escape quickly and be on my way to exploring!

Favourite travel app?

Google maps and the Lightfoot Travel app.

Your best travel tip?

Eat locally. I taste my way through locations. It’s such an immersive experience, whether it’s a local street market or the finest restaurant that we pre-book months in advance. I’ll always be nose to the ground for the latest deliciousness to capture that location.

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Any tips on overcoming jet lag?

Get outside. Take melatonin drops and to stay awake until the end of the day.

What are the latest travel trends?

Instatourism…. I live in Bali and I see tourists more on their phones taking photos against the best backdrop, more than soaking up the culture! The other one (that I’m definitely on board with) is eating your way around the world. We see more clients asking for restaurant recommendations and showing a huge interest in the cuisine of a destination.  

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