Cover It has been confirmed that the long-awaited travel bubble between Hong Kong and Singapore will launch on May 26, 2021. (Photo: Unsplash)

After being put on hold last November due to Hong Kong's new wave of infections, the Hong Kong-Singapore Air Travel Bubble has been confirmed to launch on May 26––here's everything you need to know

After the recent news of flights resuming to Hong Kong from the U.K. and social distancing restrictions continuing to ease, it has been confirmed today (April 26) that the Hong Kong-Singapore travel bubble is back on the cards.

The delayed air travel bubble was initially meant to launch last November, but after an increase in cases in Hong Kong, the long-awaited corridor for travellers was put on hold. Due to a decline in cases in both cities, along with the continued roll-out of vaccines, the bubble is back––and has been confirmed to launch on May 26.

Under the new agreement, travellers from Hong Kong will need to be fully vaccinated two weeks prior to their date of departure to Singapore, however this will not be required for those going from Singapore to Hong Kong. As per the previous terms, both sides have agreed that the bubble will be suspended if the daily average of untraceable Covid-19 cases in a week reaches more than five in either city.

The commencement of the air travel bubble between the two cities will allow travellers to travel freely without having to serve quarantine. Along with being a much-needed boost for tourism, the bubble is set to aid Cathay Pacific Airways and Singapore Airlines, both of which have been operating at severely reduced capacity for over a year––not to mention reuniting friends, family and loved ones who have been unable to reunite due to the pandemic and continued closure of boarders.

As of Monday, April 26 when the bubble was confirmed, Hong Kong recorded six new infections––four of which were imported, three from Indonesia and one from the Philippines.

Although the initial take up of Covid-19 vaccinations has been slow in Hong Kong, the confirmed travel corridor, along with rumours of potential further agreements with other safe countries, and the easing of restrictions in the city for vaccinated individuals, could encourage more residents to book in for their jab. Last Friday, 23 April, the Hong Kong government opened up the programme to those under 30, meaning that now a total 6.5 million in the city people are eligible, amounting to 88 per cent of its population.

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