Cover From a Star Wars themed resort, to Disney-themed homes you can purchase, we list out the most unique Disney experiences around the world (Photo: Disneyland Hong Kong/ Facebook)

With Hong Kong Disneyland newly reopened, we're letting you know seven of the most unique Disneyland experiences around the world to look forward to once we can travel again

Disneyland—the place where dreams come true. With Disneyland Hong Kong newly reopened after a two-month closure, we're listing the most unique Disneyland experiences around the world to get you excited for your next visit. 

From Hong Kong’s one-of-a-kind Disneyland castle, to exclusive clubs and memberships that even money can’t buy, and even an immersive Star Wars experience, learn all about Disneyland’s most unique experiences.

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1. Hong Kong Disneyland’s New Castle

To celebrate Hong Kong Disneyland’s 15th anniversary, the park decided to renovate the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle into something entirely new and unique.

While the renovations took a bit of time, causing complaints by visitors who were dismayed by the cardboard castle that took its place during renovations, after three years of work, the new castle, Castle of Magical Dreams was finally unveiled in November, 2020. The reimagined castle pays tribute to not just one princess, but 14 Disney princesses through different tower designs. From a snowflake embellished tower for Elsa to a seashell one for our favourite mermaid princess, Ariel, you’ll have to spend some time observing the tower to truly appreciate the designs.

2. Club 33

Disneyland is home to two exclusive clubs that money can’t buy. Club 33 is undoubtedly the more well-known one, with several locations around the world, the first location was opened in 1967 by Walt Disney himself at Disneyland Park in California. In 2011, it was reported that there was a 14-year waiting list for new memberships.

However, you’ll be able to get a glimpse of the club by asking a member of the club to make you a reservation. Inside, you’ll find an open-air courtyard, an antique-style glass lift on the ground floor, and a main dining room on the second floor, alongside a jazz club-themed lounge.

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3. 1901 Lounge

The second most exclusive club of Disneyland, 1901 Lounge is reserved only for the platinum and executive members of Club 33. Named after Walt’s birth year, the lounge offers cocktails at its vintage-style bar, with plenty of plush seating for you to rest your legs after a long day of walking around Disneyland. 

4. Disney Dim Sum

Limited to Shanghai and Hong Kong Disneyland, you can try Disney character shaped dim sum at the two city’s Crystal Lotus restaurant.

From Mickey’s seafood glutinous pancake, to Duffy and ShellieMay-shaped steam sweet buns, and Mickey’s double-layer turnip and taro pudding, you won’t be able to get these dim sum treats anywhere else in the world. 

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5. Tokyo DisneySea

Did you know Japan is home to two different Disneylands? While there’s the standard Disneyland that we’re all familiar with, the theme park also has a DisneySea, the only sea-themed Disneyland in the world. Opened in 2001, the park comes with seven themed lands surrounded by water. Guests will first be greeted by the Mediterranean Harbour when they first enter the themed park.

Themed as an Italian port city, the harbour is a re-creation of Venice, with Venetian Gondolas for guests to board and ride through the park. The other themed lands include the Mysterious Island, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast, Lost River Delta, Port Discovery and American Waterfront. 

6. Star Wars Hotel

Florida’s Walt Disney World Resort will soon be getting a Star Wars-themed Galactic Starcruiser resort. Rather than a standard hotel experience, the resort will provide a two-day ultra-immersive adventure for guests to feel as though they’ve entered into the Star Wars universe. Crew members will also be on this journey with you, and role-play as if you’re truly in a different galaxy entirely. 

7. Disney’s Residences

Love Disney so much that you want to live there? Golden Oak Residences provide just that. With different neighbourhoods for you to choose from, Golden Oak is Disney’s luxury homes for Disney fanatics.

Disney features all prominent around the community area, from bronze statues of Disney characters, to hidden Mickeys in the construction of each room. A clubhouse with Disney-designed experiences and services are also available, if you can’t seem to get enough of Disneyland. 

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