Cover teamLab will be staging an immersive art and sauna experience in Tokyo this month (Photo: Courtesy of teamLab)

Combining digital art with traditional sauna experiences, teamLab’s upcoming exhibition will allow visitors to appreciate art from a completely new perspective

When it comes to immersive art exhibitions, it’s been no secret that teamLab is a league of its own. Following its project of illuminating Japan’s Kairakuen garden with beautiful light installations, the acclaimed Japanese art collective, is once again making waves in the art world with a new unprecedented experience that combines digital art with an actual sauna. 

In collaboration with Rinkan Sauna Roppongi, the exhibition is set to run for a limited period of time from March 22 to August 31, 2021 in Tokyo. Aiming to allow visitors to appreciate art in a meditative mental state, the exhibition will be adorned with art installations that revolve around the theme of supernatural phenomena, and a range of sauna facilities that designed to complement different mental and physical sensations. Music works by Hideaki Takahashi will be also offered to elevate the immersive experience. 

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“Scientifically speaking, sauna trance is an exceptionally unique neurological state brought about by alternating hot and cold baths (repeated exposure to saunas, cold water, and rest). When entering a sauna trance, the senses sharpen, the mind clears, the beauty of the surrounding world comes into focus, and what normally goes unnoticed can be experienced. Visitors go even deeper by entering the sauna, experiencing a sauna trance, and becoming immersed in the art,” said teamLab in a statement. 

Highlights of the exhibition include “Levitation”, which involves a sphere hovering in a space between the floor and ceiling, floating up and down as through transcending the concept of mass. A beautiful wall of digital flowers that bloom and grow in real-time will also be featured. Also worth noting is the “sauna trance”, where visitors will be able to see and interact with colourful resonating lamps. 

Get a closer look at teamLab’s new exhibition by watching the video below and head to the official website for more information  

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