Cover The world's first ever Super Nintendo World, which is found inside Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, is finally opening its doors on Thursday, March 18, 2021. (Photo: Universal Studios Japan)

The Nintendo theme park in Osaka, Japan will open its doors in Osaka later this month

First announced in 2015, the highly anticipated Super Nintendo World is finally opening its doors to the public after a significant delay as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The theme park, located at the Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, is set to open as soon as Thursday, March 18, 2021—nearly six weeks after its original open date.

The park will make its debut as the first “multi-level land” at Universal Studios Japan, with Peach’s Castle and Bowser’s Castle taking centre stage. The hotly anticipated park will also feature real-life Mario Kart and Yoshi-themed rides, Nintendo-themed restaurants, shops, and unique entertainment areas.

Visitors will also have access to an all-new type of “Asobi” experience, where players can jump, punch, and collect virtual coins in true Mario style thanks to a “Power-Up Band” that syncs to smartphones, allowing players to collect keys, gather character stamps, and compete with other park guests in real time.

“Bringing to life a highly themed and immersive land featuring Nintendo’s legendary worlds, characters and adventures where guests will be able to play inside their favorite Nintendo games. The grand opening of Super Nintendo World will kick off the park’s year-long 20th Anniversary Celebration,” Universal Studios Japan shared in a press release

Interested in visiting the park for yourself? Note that although the theme park will be open to the public, Universal Studios Japan will continue to limit the number of people allowed in the space in order to responsibly comply with Covid-19 health and safety protocols.

For now, visitors will require a Universal Express Pass, which will grant access to Super Nintendo World at a designated time. For more information or to purchase your Universal Express Pass, be sure to visit the official Super Nintendo World website.

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