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From Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, to Japan’s Kurokawa Onsen, and California’s Mammoth Hot Springs, we're listing the best outdoor hot springs to bookmark and daydream about until the pandemic is over

With the news of Covid-19 vaccines looking more promising each day, we’re hopeful that the world will resume to the pre-coronavirus days in the new year. Aside from looking forward to seeing friends and family more, travelling is on the top of our to-do list for when Covid-19 becomes a distant memory. 

As we wait for more good news to arrive, we’re dreaming of visiting the following outdoor hot springs around the world to warm us up this holiday season. 

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Blue Lagoon, Iceland

A must for anyone travelling to Iceland, Blue Lagoon is a famous geothermal spa in southwestern Iceland. 

Known for their milky blue water and natural white mud at the bottom of the lake, you’ll often see photos of visitors rub mud on themselves as the mud’s high silica content is said to help reverse signs to ageing, while the minerals help absorb excess oil and reduce acne. Say goodbye to maskne.

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Kurokawa Onsen, Japan

Although Kurokawa Onsen isn’t technically just one hot spring, this little onsen town in the middle of Kyushu is well worth the mention. Located about 20 kilometres away from Mount Aso, Kurokawa Onsen is filled with ryokan, a type of traditional Japanese inns, public bathhouses and outdoor baths. 

Most bathhouses are gender-separated and filled with scenery of nature and rustic environment that will make you feel as though you’re in ancient Japan. With streets filled with onsen options, you can even opt to go onsen hopping for a full day of relaxation. 

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Castle Hot Springs, United States

Planning a special trip to celebrate an anniversary or looking for the perfect spot to pop the question? Rent out an entire desert hot springs at Castle Hot Springs in Arizona.

A well-known luxury getaway in the middle of the Sonoran Desert, this resort is usually filled with guests who are looking to escape from the city life. However, Castle Hot Springs has introduced a new promotion which allows visitors to rent out the entire resort, allowing you to enjoy the 1,100-acre property without bumping into other guests during your stay. 

If you need more persuading, the hot springs claim to bring potential health benefits, from helping you relieve nasal congestion, reduce high blood pressure, promoting skin hydration and maintain hormone levels. 

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Cascate del Mulino, Italy

If pasta and pizza weren’t enough to make us want to book the next flight out to Italy, then the country’s cliffside hot springs definitely do. With water running down natural, carved pools, Cascate del Mulino is a scenic natural hot spring located in the Terme di Saturnia, a group of hot springs in Tuscany. 

Said to have been used by people since the ancient Romans, Cascate del Mulino is by far the most beautiful hot spring in Terme di Saturnia. After centuries of waterfalls, the rocks have formed into beautiful pools that are perfect for soaks all year long. The water is also said to be enriched with sulfur and plankton, and maintains at a steady 37.5 °C year-round. 

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Chena Hot Springs, United States

A resort that’s been around for 115 years this 2020, Chena Hot Springs in Alaska was founded by two gold mining brothers who were looking for ways to ease chronic rheumatism pain, thus beginning their search for hot springs. 

Chena Hot Springs today remains a scenic escape for people around the world. The resort is home to an indoor pool and hot tubs, as well as an outdoor Rock Lake that is entirely natural and regularly managed and monitored by the resort to ensure that bacteria and algae aren’t present in the water and on the rocks. 

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Mammoth Hot Springs, United States

Another hot spring town located in the United States, Mammoth Hot Springs is situated in Nothern California and has one of the best natural hot springs in the country. The neighbouring area is filled with tall mountains and hiking trails, making Mammoth Hot Springs an ideal after-hike spot to soothe sore, overworked muscles. 

Since all of the hot springs at Mammoth are naturally formed due to a volcano eruption 760,000 years ago, the hot pools are all free of charge and formed in all shapes and sizes. A few hours drive from Los Angeles, it’s a quick day trip away from The City of Angels, or a fun weekend camping trip if you to soak in the warm water some more in the morning.

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