Cover Created in response to the lack of tourism due to the coronavirus pandemic, Maldives Border Miles is the first-ever loyalty program for a country. (Photo: Unsplash)

The country-wide initiative, known as the Maldives Border Miles will be the first-ever loyalty program to focus on all aspects of tourism promotion

If you’re planning to travel to the Maldives for the purpose of tourism you can officially enrol as a member of the Maldives Border Miles—a country-wide reward program created in response to the overall lack of tourism the country has seen in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Travellers enrolled in the program will earn points for each and every border crossing into the country with additional points to be rewarded for special occasions—like wedding anniversaries or honeymoons

Points will also be awarded for trips planned around special dates in the Maldives, including Eid holidays, as well as for going surfing, diving, island hopping, or participating in various other watersports from the partners of Maldives Border Miles while on vacation.

Once the traveler reaches the set amount of points after a given trip or experience, they’ll gain access to special privileges “with amazing benefits.” according to a statement on the Maldives Border Miles website.

After travellers start earning points, they'll be placed into one of three tiers in the program that are based on the level of points that they have accumulated. Named after honorable titles used in ancient Maldives, the three levels are known as Aida (Bronze Tier), Antara (Silver Tier) and Abaarana (Gold Tier). Each tier will include a set of rewards, services, and benefits which will increase in value as members progress—however specific benefits have yet to be shared.

Planning a trip to the Maldives in the near future? To find out more about the world’s first country-wide loyalty program or to find out if you’re eligible to register and begin earning points, be sure to visit the official Maldives Border Miles website.

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