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Recreate your favourite K-drama scenes at these real-life locations in South Korea––whether it's "Crash Landing On You", "Goblin" and more

South Korea is a travel destination that has a lot to offer, from the food to culture and the beauty industry. As the land of K-pop and Korean dramas, it also boasts some of the most gorgeous sceneries, further fuelling our wanderlust.

International travel is still off the cards, but we can start planning our next destination. If you're looking to recreate some of your favourite scenes from notable Korean dramas, it's the perfect time to go on a "K-drama pilgrimage" and see these places for yourself.

From gorgeous beaches, to picturesque parks and breathtaking school campuses, there's plenty for everyone to choose from regardless if you're already abroad the "K-drama mania" or just on the lookout for new destinations. As a true Korean drama fan and having been to some of these places myself, I break down some of the must-visit Korean drama filming locations for you to put on your travel list––and hopefully visit soon.

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1. Deoksugung Palace Stonewall Walkway

Featured in: Lovestruck in the City, Run On, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, More Than Friends, Do You Like Brahms, Find Me In Your Memory, The Beauty Inside, Goblin, Misaeng

Deoksugung Palace Stonewall Walkway is looks like a seemingly simple spot but it's more than meets the eye. It makes a frequent appearance in a lot of Korean dramas due to the picturesque pedestrian footpath located near Deoksugung Palace.

The walkway is also a perfect example of blending urban space, a historical motif and nature all in one. While it's a popular spot for a romantic walk, we recommend visiting during autumn to witness the stunning autumn foliage around the area.

Deoksugung Palace Stonewall Walkway, 04519 99, Sejongdaero, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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2. Boseong Green Tea Plantation

Featured in: Legend of the Blue Sea

Boseong Green Tea Plantation sits in Buseong County, which is known as the green tea capital of South Korea. This is perhaps the most famous green tea plantation farm in the county, home to the oldest and largest tea gardens.

The fields are a vibrant mix of green tea leaves and forest trees and thanks to its crisscrossed structure, walking paths and flights of stairs are built for the public to explore the area. The best time to visit is spring, when the fields release the scent of green tea and when the flowering season begins.

Boseong Green Tea Plantation, 1287-1 Bongsan-ri, Boseong-eup, Boseong-gun, Jeollanam-do, South Korea

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3. Forest of Wisdom

Featured in: Lovestruck in the City, Record of Youth, More Than Friends, It's Okay to Not Be Okay, The King: Eternal Monarch, The World of the Married, Find Me In Your Memory, Hotel Del Luna, Search: WWW, Romance is a Bonus Book, Why Secretary Kim, I'm Not A Robot, She Was Pretty, Come Back Mister

Forest of Wisdom is located just a few kilometres away from the demilitarized zone (DMZ), a somewhat surprising location for a place that's been at the centre of book culture in South Korea. Paju, where the place is located, is a city dedicated to books and Forest of Wisdom is just one of the many book-related structures.

Though it's home to over 200,000 books mostly donated from publishing companies, Forest of Wisdom actually doesn't sell its books nor can they be borrowed. Visitors are only allowed to read the books inside as part of its concept to become something more than a library and a bookstore.

Forest of Wisdom, 145 Hoedong-gil, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea,

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4. Daepohang Port Lighthouse

Featured in: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Daepohang Port is a popular tourist sport located in Sokcho. It boasts over 100 years of history and well-loved for its seafood restaurants and massive fish markets. Those on the hunt for some of the freshest seafood in the country should put this on their travel list. The red lighthouse here is used as a date spot in the drama, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and also serves as one of its most striking features.

Daepohang Port Lighthouse, 785 Daepo-dong, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do, South Korea

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5. Jumunjin Beach Breakwater

Featured in: Goblin, More Than Friends, Hotel King

Whether you're looking for a place to visit as a couple, friends or family, Jumunjin Beach is a great place to be due to its gorgeous coastal scenery. The beach is also famous for its fine sand, beautiful blue waters, numerous restaurants and Instagrammable spots. Make sure you pick the right breakwater that's featured in Goblin though as there are at least five man-made breakwaters there. The breakwater is so famous that it draws a lot of crowds so be prepared for a queue. To complete the experience, you can even loan the red scarf and buckwheat flower just as it appears in the drama.

For K-pop fans, you can also head over to the nearby BTS bus stop, while the actual bus stop from their album, You Never Walk Alone is not there anymore, they recreated a similar version for visitors to take pictures in.

Jumunjin Beach Breakwater, 1609 Haean-ro, Jumunjin-eup, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do, South Korea

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6. Cheonggyecheon Stream

Featured in: Vincenzo, True Beauty, Lovestruck in the City, Do You Like Brahms, Flowers of Evil, Find Me in Your Memory, Clean With Passion for Now, My Mister, Live Up To Your Name, Chicago Typewriter, Lovers in Prague

Cheonggyecheon Stream is one of the most popular spots to visit in Seoul. While it might not seem much, the square where the steam is located is actually created based on traditional Korean bojagi design (colourful wrapping cloth), showcasing the craftsmanship of traditional stonework that is both colourful and refined.

Over at the plaza, you can look through the plaques which provide detailed information on the 22 bridges around the stream. This place is a great option for couples looking for a romantic stroll, especially at night when it lights up beautifully.

Cheonggyecheon Stream, Changsin-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea,

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7. Dae Jang Geum Park

Featured in: Joseon Exorcist, Mr. Queen, Tale of the Nine-Tailed, Mystic Pop-Up Bar, The King: Eternal Monarch, The Tale of Nokdu, Hotel Del Luna, Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung, A Korean Odyssey, The Moon That Embraces the Sun, Jumong

Want to travel back in time? Head over to Dae Jang Geum Park where most of the Korean historical dramas (also known as saeguks) are filmed. While there are a number of historical drama sets in the country, this one is the largest by far. The facilities in the park are semi-permanent but all of them reflect the architectural style, lifestyle and culture of the past, taking cues from historical records. To recreate the experience even more, we suggest trying on a hanbok and walking through the historical theme park.

Besides historical dramas, the park is also a famous filming site for music videos including Suga of BTS' Daechwita.

Dae Jang Geum Park, 25, Yongcheon drama-gil, Baegam-myeon, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea,

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8. Rooftop Beomcheong-dong

Featured in: Fight For My Way

Rooftop Beomcheong-dong might only appear in one drama but considering its beautiful location, this is highly recommended especially if you're in Busan. The rooftop appears as Namil Bar where the characters in Fight for My Way hang out. It overlooks the colourful houses in Busan, making it a must-visit location.

Previously, memorabilia from the drama was displayed here but because the rooftop is part of a private residence, it was moved to Hocheon Village which is just a few minutes walk from the rooftop. If you're in Busan, you can also drop by Namil Villa in Hangsung Apartment Buildings where the lead characters in the drama lived.

Rooftop Beomcheong-dong, 42 Eomgwang-ro 495beon-gil, Busanjin-gu, Busan, South Korea

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9. Sinchon Graffiti Tunnel

Featured in: Hello Me, Private Lives, Record of Youth, My First First Love, Touch Your Heart, While You Were Sleeping, The Best Hit, Goblin

A tunnel might not be the most appealing tourist spot to visit but if you remember the iconic scene in Goblin which itself has been parodied in so many other dramas, this is a must in any K-drama fan's list. The original design that appears in Goblin has already been replaced and the graffiti changes quite often so even if you visit numerous times, chances are, the design might be different from your previous visit.

Inside the tunnel, you can even more graffiti and considering that it's located just near Ewha Women's University—another tourist spot to visit due to its amazing architecture—you might as well drop by here.

Sinchon Graffiti Tunnel, Sinchon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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10. Gyeongui Line Forest Park

Featured in: Lovestruck in the City, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, Record of Youth, More Than Friends, Love Revolution, My First First Love, Her Private Life, Eulachacha Waikiki 1 & 2, Drunk in Good Taste, The Sound of Your Heart, I'm Not a Robot, Because This Is My First Life, Reunited Worlds, Goblin

Gyeongui Line Forest Park should be on the radar of those who love literature and quaint cafes. Filled with history, nature and art, the park was recreated into an urban space along the Gyeongui railway line, which itself is about 100 years old. When the line went underground, the forest park was designed above the ground and has since become a popular green space for locals and tourists alike. Here, you can enjoy the urban culture and greenery at the same time.

Located at the trendy and hip neighbour of Hongdae, the park has art installations, quirky cafes and green spaces that are perfect for picnics with friends, families and even your furry friend.

Gyeoungui Line Forest Park, 147-89 Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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11. Eungbong Mountain Park

Featured in: Find Me In Your Memory, Are You Human, Wok of Love, Black Knight, My Secret Romance, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo, We Broke Up, It's Okay It's Love

Want to savour the beautiful Seoul cityscape? Eungbong Mountain Park is the place to be. It offers breathtaking views of the Han River, Seoul Forest and most of the eastern part of Seoul. Whether you're going there during the day or at night, they're both equally spectacular sights to see.

The mountain is also famed for its forsythia flowers and incredible sunrise views during the first day of the year. The mountain is also a notable spot for photographers clamouring to capture Seoul's skyline.

Eungbong Mountain Park, 271 Eungbong-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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12. Seoul Fortress Wall

Featured in: Run On, Do You Like Brahms, Find Me In Your Memory, Itaewon Class, Love Alarm, Two Cops, Criminal minds

Modernity, nature and tradition collide at Seoul Fortress Wall—where you can get a magnificent view of Seoul's skyscrapers contrasting the fortress wall originally built in 1396 during the Joseon Dynasty.

Stretching 18.8-kilometres-long along the ranges of Bugaksan Mountain, Naksan Mountain, Namsam Mountain and Inwangsan Mountain, Seoul Fortress Wall is a three-in-one travel destination. There were originally right gates built between 1396–1398 in the area but only six of them remain today.

Seoul Fortress Wall, 03038  283, Yulgok-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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13. Yonsei University (Sinchon Campus)

Featured in: True Beauty, When My Love Blooms, Extraordinary You, Abyss, Romance Is A Bonus Book, Age of Youth 1 & 2, Reply 1994, Brilliant Legacy

Besides being one of the SKY universities, which is known as South Korea's three most prestigious universities, Yonsei University (Parasite director, Bong Joon-ho is an alumnus), also moonlights as a filming location for popular Korean dramas.

The Underwood Hall in the Sinchon campus functions as a museum dedicated to Yonsei's founder, Horace G. Underwood and is one of the many historical buildings around the Yonsei campus. Due to its gorgeous architecture looking like it's straight out of Europe, the hall frequents school K-dramas such as True Beauty, Extraordinary You and Reply 1994.

Yonsei University (Sinchon Campus), 50 Yonsei-ro, Sinchon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea,

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14. Hantangang Sky Bridge

Featured in: Crash Landing On You, Why Secretary Kim

Hantangang Sky Bridge in Pocheon is the ideal spot to watch and take photos of the sunset. Located 50 metres above the Hantangang River canyon, you get to enjoy undisrupted views here, with no nearby buildings in sight.

The 200-metre-long skywalk is located near the beautiful Bidulginang Waterfalls which itself is also worth a visit and featured in another popular K-drama. Over at the bridge, you can take in the gorgeous scenery and natural landscape which is an absolutely different vibe from Seoul.

Hantangang Sky Bridge, 207 Bidulginang-gil, Yeongbuk-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

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