The British royal family sure know how to pick a holiday. And the queen’s children and grandchildren have chosen some of the most idyllic spots on earth to spend their royal honeymoon. If you’re unsure where to go for the most romantic trip of your life, simply ask yourself, "What would royal couples do?" and prepare to be dazzled. From picture-perfect Greek beaches to a tropical Indian Ocean island, find out where to go for your own royal honeymoon below:

1. The Royal couple: Prince Charles and Princess Diana

Where did they go? They may not be ones to emulate when it comes to matrimonial harmony, but the one-time Prince and Princess of Wales certainly got their royal honeymoon right. Lent the Royal Yacht Britannia by Mummy, they set sail for Greece in the summer of 1981.

What should you do? The closest most of us will ever get to royal treatment in Greece is Aman’s only hotel on Hellenic soil, Amanzoe. Set high above the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by olive groves and cypress trees, this arresting establishment has a distinctly palatial air, thanks to grand Grecian columns that line the entrance and the expansive beach club.

Designed by the renowned American architect Ed Tuttle, it mimics the wonders of the Acropolis (and why not, given that it’s just two hours’ drive away)—but with some useful 21st-century additions. Think an outdoor amphitheatre where you can order a martini to accompany the sunset, a stylish spa that offers treatments based on ancient Greek medicine, and an Olympic-size infinity pool overlooking the vineyards. 

Boats are on offer to the gorgeous island of Spetses. But if you’re feeling a bit shy like the young Princess Di, there’s no need to leave your room. Each of the 38 pavilions has its own herb-filled garden, sunny terrace and private pool, as well as two vast marble bathrooms and what must be the most comfortable beds in Greece. 

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2. The Royal couple: Prince Andrew and Fergie 

Where did they go? It was Mummy to the rescue once again. Queen Elizabeth II lent Andrew and Fergie the Royal Yacht Britannia to explore the Azores, the beautiful group of Portuguese islands in the mid-Atlantic, followed by a week deep in Portuguese wine country. 

What should you do? Portugal is a must-do destination. For decades it was cast as Spain’s poorer, dustier sibling, but the Iberian country has recently come into its own as one of Europe’s glossiest summer destinations. With annual music festivals, world-class restaurants and sleek new hotels drawing the international jet set to Lisbon, Portugal now smoothly combines centuries-old tradition with stellar modern design—a movement Fergie and Andrew were sadly two decades too early to enjoy. 

Few Portuguese establishments are more fit for a prince than São Lourenço do Barrocal, a former farm that has been converted into a cover-star-worthy luxury hotel a mere two hours’ drive from the capital. Redesigned by the rather handsome José Antonio Uva, the property has been in his family for centuries and is now a marvel of comfort and good taste.

Think ancient manuscripts in the dove-grey bedrooms, vintage furniture in the dining room, and commissioned rugs in soft blues and greens throughout the hotel. The spa boasts dry saunas and a hydrotherapy room with deep cedarwood bathtubs, while the cool, dark blue swimming pool is set in the heart of a wildflower-filled meadow.

3. The Royal couple: Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge 

Where did they go? Only the same spot chosen by Hollywood royalty George and Amal Clooney for their royal honeymoon—North Island in Seychelles, often regarded as the most exclusive, celebrity-filled hotel on earth. 

What should you do? Er, copy them. North Island is one of the most extraordinary, and most private, destinations on earth—a 2km-long island only accessible by helicopter, with 12 palatial villas that lead down to the sea. Kate and Will stayed in Villa 11, which is 6,243sqft of linen, marble, private pools and endless rose petals—and exclusively reserved for honeymooning couples.

To give you an idea of just how high-end this hotel is, there are twice as many staff as guests but not a single menu. That’s because you have your own private chef, who will whip up anything your taste buds are in the mood for, and the fruits of your imagination can be eaten on the island piazza, in the villa or on a private stretch of beach.

And if love means occasionally needing some time alone to read or update Instagram, then luckily scuba-diving, kayaking, mountain bikes, guided walks and half-day fishing trips are all included in the room rate. No wonder Kate and Will stayed for two whole weeks back in 2011.

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