Fellow Malaysians and Singaporeans; look no further than The RuMa when planning your next staycation.

The Golden Triangle's new kid on the block sure takes things literally with its name – which was inspired by the Malay word for 'home' – and proves to be offering just that kind of feeling of intimacy and comfort. But, that's not all. As the very Instagrammable hotel has just launched its Malaysia and Singapore Resident's Package, valid from now until 30 June 2019, we round up all the reasons why The RuMa tops our next holiday spot list.

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The 'Hostmanship' experience

Coincindentally the hotel's mantra itself, "Hostmanship" is more of a way of life and art than an elaborate word; it is the promise of making people feel welcomed, laced with hostmanship concepts such as customer care, friendship, hospitality and above all else, quality service that is all for you and about you. 

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An amalgamation of history and luxury

The chance to unearth the city's history could never be made even more comfortable, considering that you will be basking in one of the most contemporary and opulent settings. As part of Urban Resort Concept's newest property, one can be certain that luxury will accompany every step of your journey and stay here.

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A dose of culture

Now, this isn't a typical library with books meant to be studied for hours (although that is most certainly guaranteed). This quiet, contemplative space much akin to a grand mansion seeps with nostalgia and solace. Books aside, one can discover artefacts and flea market antiques from the olden Kuala Lumpur days, such as vintage magazines and thought-provoking books on culture, design and architecture. Immerse yourself in the past while snacking on refreshments, snacks, afternoon tea or cocktails.

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Feast on Malaysian favourites

One would expect an establishment paying tribute to the olden days in a luxurious and contemporary way to follow through with its concept in every element – especially where cuisine is involved. This open-kitchened modern Malaysian food joint utilises local produce, traditional tastes and distinctive ingredients that lends a newfangled taste to its all-time staple dishes.

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Relaxation sessions at the rooftop

Its prime location in the heart of the city makes The RuMa's 6th floor accessible to the stunning skyline that KL has to offer. With the twin towers in the view up ahead, guests can bask in its beauty for hours in the infinity pool, unwind on the pool deck or host relaxed discussions in the terrace meeting room. 

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The lounge life

What's a holiday if you don't seize that chance to laze and lounge whenever you can? The RuMa's SEVEN serves delectable drinks, refreshments, light meals and afternoon high tea for you to get lost in your thoughts, or connect with others in the most human and warmest way.

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Sleeping with a scene

The first thing one does upon checking into a room is to check out the view, and thankfully, The RuMa boasts one of the best in the city. Fall asleep and wake up with the perfect view of the twin towers greeting you – which proves to be a sight that one would never get tired of.