Not all who wander are lost. Jeremy Jauncey, for one, travels to inspire and be inspired. Shauna Popple Williams talks to the traveller-techpreneur about adventure, travel trends, work out music and fad diets in this second Philippine Tatler exclusive


Carpe diem.

Such a poignant and wonderful motto to live by and Jeremy Jauncey, the hunky British CEO and founder of the hugely popular Beautiful Destinations ( does just this to the hilt.

Ambitious and driven, the very fit former rugby player shares snippets of his utterly divine existence with his 12 million-strong (and counting) following via his social media platforms, which his award-winning creative agency stunningly curates. Jauncey was quite literally put on this planet to inspire, allowing the @BeautifulDestinations lifestyle community to live vicariously through his exhilarating videos and awe-inspiring posts.

There’s a great big world out there and whether touristy or off the beaten track, follow this man @JeremyJauncey and see which jaw-dropping destinations he takes you to. #ExploreDreamDiscover #YOLO

Philippine Tatler: Who is your favourite travel companion?

Jeremy Jauncey: My brother! We’re very close and spend a lot of time together with the business and socially so he is without doubt my favourite travel companion.

Brothers-Tom-and-Jeremy.jpgBrothers Tom and Jeremy

PT: What's one travel experience you'd like to forget?

JJ: Haha! Thankfully I haven’t had too many bad experiences travelling so far but in Thailand last year I did cut my foot open quite badly and was rushed to hospital when it got infected. The doctors were amazing and very casually told me once they’d sewn up my foot that had I been a few hours later they may have had to amputate it!

PT: Are you a sea or mountains kind of guy?

JJ: Definitely sea. I love beaches and am trying to visit as many as I can this year. The ones I did in May in the Philippines were definitely some of the best I’ve ever visited. Palawan was a favourite. I do love nature and the mountains but if I had a choice, chilling on a beach would always win.


PT: You used to play rugby professionally, who do you root for now?

JJ: Scotland! I love our national team and will always support them. We haven’t had the best run of form recently but Scotland is home and I’ll always have a soft spot for them. If not, New Zealand. I lived there when I left school and love the country.

PT: What's the best travel advice you've ever been given?

JJ: Buy flexible flights. No matter what class of flight suits your budget, spend a little bit more to have flexibility in your ticket. I’ve had so many amazing experiences that have happened outside of the planned itinerary that had I been forced to catch flights would not have happened. I’d also suggest you stay loyal to one airline if you can – the flexibility I have from staying with one has given upgrades, flight changes and lounge access and made my travelling a lot more enjoyable.

PT: Finish this sentence: when travelling to a destination for the first time...

JJ: Always use Instagram to research! I love using social media to see what local people do in places I’m visiting for the first time. It’s so easy to do and gives really good insight into what is worth exploring when you arrive.

Lake-Como,-Italy-by-@jacob.jpgLake Como, Italy by @jacob

PT: Finish this sentence: when in doubt...

JJ: Back yourself. I always go with my gut instincts when travelling and if it feels right to do something I generally do it.

PT: What music do you listen to? What music do you work out to?

JJ: Classical music to work, I love Vivaldi and Rachmaninoff and much more upbeat stuff for working out! The Chainsmokers, Steve Aoki, Knife Party and Dirtyphonics are on my iPod whenever I train.

Switzerland-by-@jamesrelfdyer.jpgSwitzerland by @jamesrelfdyer

PT: You're also a health buff. Paleo Vs. Atkins Vs. South Beach. What do you reckon? Better yet, what works for you and what makes the most sense across all other body types and blood types?

JJ: Great question! I think everyone is different and should take the time to find out what foods really work for them. Personally, I don’t like Atkins and South Beach, restricting carbohydrates is not very healthy in my opinion and if you’re training hard you need good fuel. I’d say my diet was most like Paleo but rather than follow a set diet, I prefer to stick to a few principals – eat good healthy whole foods, big breakfasts and lunches with lots of fresh vegetables, lean animal proteins and sweet potatoes or brown rice. I drink lots of water every day, love green tea and drink whey protein before and after working out. I don’t have any processed foods in my diet and try to restrict sugars 90% of the time. The other 10% I eat anything and everything I feel like and love dark chocolate, brownies and ice cream!

PT: The world is a source of limitless discovery but what about space exploration and commercial flights into outer space?

JJ: I greatly admire Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson for pushing this agenda as I think exploring outside the world is going to be essential for the survival of mankind. I don’t think I’ll see a mass movement into space in my lifetime and am very happy focusing on planet earth for now!

Chocolate-Hills,-Cebu-by-@jacob.jpgChocolate Hills, Bohol by @jacob

PT: What’s in your travel trending forecast?

JJ: The Philippines! I’m serious J I love the country and want to do everything I can to raise its profile around the world. Not enough people think of the Philippines as a Southeast Asian destination and it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. With one of the fastest growing GDP’s in Asia, enormous potential for tourism revenues and a population of amazing, friendly people I think more and more people around the world are going to visit the Philippines in the coming year (and I hope I can help!).
PT: One thing you need to do before you die?
JJ: Have lots of children :)

London,-England-by-@tomjauncey.jpgLondon, England by @tomjauncey