Cover Galápagos Islands set to resume sailings this May (Photo: Getty Images)

Intimate cruise line tours, including private luxury yachts, will be some of the only vessels allowed to pass through the archiapalo until further notice

While most cruise ship-related travel continues to be on pause due to the ongoing pandemic, the Galápagos Islands have recently become one of the first destinations to announce its plans to open its doors to select cruise lines.

Small-ship cruise line Touring Galápagos is set to be the first company that will be granted access to the islands—but would-be travellers shouldn’t expect a typical cruise ship. Instead, the small-scale journeys will take place on small luxury yachts that will sail with groups of twenty passengers or less, allowing for a fair bit of social distancing and other pandemic-era best practices.

“There has been a huge paradigm shift towards people looking for smaller yachts with less than 20 passengers, which is now the safest way to enjoy a cruise as well as experience a more intimate voyage. Bookings are growing daily as the vaccine rollout ramps up,” Michael Eiseman, co-founder of Touring Galápagos, told Travel Pulse in a recent report.

While it’s still unclear exactly what the trip will entail in terms of permitted activities, entertainment, and dining given the particular circumstances that come with setting sail while pandemic restrictions are still in place, it’s expected to be a unique experience that places emphasis on family-friendly comfort and luxury.

“We have 10 unique luxury yachts that offer 3, 4 and 7-day itineraries that will all resume in May. Over the past few months, charter bookings have risen as it’s the best option for those who have already been vaccinated, especially multigenerational families who are ready to travel again this summer,” Eiseman added.

Interested in finding out more about the luxury cruise itineraries set to pass through the Galápagos Islands this summer? For more information—including how to book—be sure to visit the official Touring Galápagos website.

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