Trivia about international Father's Day celebrations

Father’s Day is right around the corner, June 18 to be specific. Have you figured out how to spend the day with your dad? Different cultures around the world have their own spin and traditions with regards to celebrating fathers. Learn some fun facts and maybe even take a tip or two from these 5 different countries:


pexels-photo-27118.jpgFather’s Day in Thailand is celebrated on a different day, on December 5th to be exact. This is because December 5 is the birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The much beloved late King is very honored and is a huge part of Thai culture, known was father of the nation. Yearly traditions were that he used to give a speech on his birthday and many Thai citizens wear pink to celebrate him as it is a colour that they associate with him. It is also a tradition for people to give Canna Lilies to fathers and grandfathers. There are also a lot of beautiful decorations as well as celebrations in schools and public spaces in honour of the King and to celebrate fathers.


man-person-cute-young.jpgIn Germany, Father’s Day is also called Vatertag. On this day, the 40th day of Easter, Germans can be sure to relax as it is a federal holiday! Men traditionally haul wagons loaded with a variety of drinks, and of course beer,  into the woods for a rustic outdoorsy celebration. However instead of a boozy hike, a bar crawl is preferred by some.


pexels-photo-69096.jpegGokarna Aunsi is how the Nepalese refer to Father’s Day.  A Nepalese tradition is for sons to bow, placing their foreheads on to their father’s feet, while daughters alternatively touch their foreheads on their dad’s hands, as a sign of respect and as a greeting. There are also lively festivities throughout households as Father's are held in high regard in Nepalese culture. Many also come together at the Gokarna Temple in order to say a prayer for the fathers who have passed away.


pexels-photo-105952.jpegMexico is all about fitness on Father’s Day! There is an annual 21K Father’s Day race called, Carrera Día del Padre 21K Bosque de Tlalpan. Do not be mistaken, Father’s Day in Mexico is not only for the fit, there are also loads of festivities and a whole lot of food to honour good old dad. 


pexels-photo-351495.jpegIn China, Father’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of August because, eight in Chinese is pronounced as 'ba'. In addition to that, the colloquial way of saying father is 'ba-ba'. There for, eighth day of the eighth month ends up sounding like father! Seems like the perfect day to celebrate dad in China!