Famous for its hot springs, glaciers, and three-hour sun cycle, the ‘land of fire and ice’ provides the perfect opportunity for a mix of introspection and soul searching in one of earth’s most beautiful, untamed landscapes. Here are the must-do’s from travel design expert Kit Wong of Jacada Travel:

In 2017, Kit Wong of Jacada Travel personally tailored a break in Iceland for a couple who were self proclaimed "foodies, adventurers and hopeless romantics."

Dinner for two

With this combination in mind, Kit first arranged for a private dinner nestled inside a cave located in the lava fields of the country's highlands. The menu consisted of fresh seafood, caught only hours before, prepared by their own professional chef and (of course) accompanied by plenty of champagne on ice. 

Chasing the stars

With the food aspect satisfied, the couple moved onto an exhilarating adventure which involved literally chasing the aurora borealis. They boarded their own private jet, which trailed the light show as it lit up the northern hemisphere. Upon landing, the couple was greeted by a picnic filled with floral arrangements, gorgeous food, and all set to a playlist tailored to the lucky duo's music tastes.  

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In a world of your own

Their final request was one for "extreme privacy"—a task that's difficult for any travel agent to accomplish. Thankfully, Kit had a plan. Midgard Hu—the selected residence for the couple—is a luxury cabin that lies far away from the nearest city, town or village. The off-the-grid property is only accessible by jeep, but is perfectly equipped for a cosy holiday.

With a crackling log fire, scenic view and plenty of warm blankets, Midgard provides a sanctuary of peace and quiet that allows for the perfect Icelandic experience.  

Even in this modern day and age, Iceland remains a haven which promises an escape from the relentless hustle and bustle of city life; a place to appreciate Nordic landscapes which have remained largely unchanged since the 9th century.

As travel writer Stephen Markley wrote: "The problem with driving around Iceland is that you’re basically confronted by a new soul-enriching, breath-taking, life-affirming natural sight every five goddamn minutes. It’s totally exhausting.”

Thankfully, that's an exhuastion we're willing to risk. 

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