Experience is the best teacher when it comes to travel. Here are my six top tips to having a smoother trip to places near and far.

Travelling is fun but at the same time, it can be a daunting experience especially when unexpected incidents throw a spanner in the works. Always hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Not the type to overplan any trip, I do have a checklist that I adhere to for a smoother trip from home to airport and all the way to my destination and back.

1. Pack your necessities in a carry-on

1. Bric's.jpg(source)My favourite carry-on luggage is the Bric's 22-inch Carry-on Holdall, it not only holds all my necessities but the strap on the back cleverly secures it to the luggage trolley handle. (Photo: Bric's)

I only realised the importance of packing a carry-on when my checked-in luggage never arrived at my destination many years ago when I was headed to the Himalayas. Besides the necessities, do pack a shawl or cardigan, a book, copies of travel documents in a plastic folder, portable charger, wet wipes, Panadol & other meds and foldable water bottle. 

2. Snap a picture of your luggage

2. hands-woman-camera-smartphone.jpg(source)Don't just take photos of sights and food, take photos of everything!

Taking photos of your luggage and also the airline baggage tag can be of tremendous help. In the case where you can’t find your luggage at the airport carousel, it can help airport staff to locate your bag. Taking photos of the inside will also come in handy should you want to make any insurance claims for lost or damaged luggage.

3. Best place for souvenir shopping

3. people-buy-sell-cassettes.jpg(source)Go where the locals shop and always look out for unique purchases.

The best place for souvenir shopping in any city is not at the designated souvenir shops but at places where the locals shop for everyday things. Feel free to raid pharmacies, neighbourhood stores and supermarkets for local staples; where most things are reasonably priced without leaving a big dent in the wallet. Seek out unique items and if you can go to the source, even better!

4. Use your credit card to earn miles

4. money-card-business-credit-card-50987 (1).jpeg(source)Paper or plastic, make the smart choice.

I never leave home without my airline credit card because I can earn double miles with every ringgit spent overseas. I often use cash at smaller shops and have some stashed away in case of emergency. All said and done, remember to use the card responsibly and spend within your means.

5. Your best travel companion

5. pexels-photo.jpg(source)Maximise your smartphone when travelling and find ways to outsmart it.

…is your phone and you may want to maximise its usage. Save your flight, hotel and other booking details in your phone. Take photos of everything, save maps as images, add your destination’s weather and clock, and download audiobooks. I also download my destination’s newspapper app to keep abreast with local news.

6. Don't sweat the stuff beyond your control

6. dont worry be happy.jpg(source)Remember, remember #yolo.

Enjoy travelling as much as you can. You have, after all, put in so much effort into making it happen. Don't worry about the stuff that's out of your control . If something unexpected happens, be calm and always work on solving the problem. When in doubt, ask.

 (Photos: Pexels)

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