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Singapore Airlines’ new Flight Pass will allow travellers to purchase discounted flight tickets without needing to provide their travel dates and details

We all know that booking flight tickets early mean that you can get discounts. But, sometimes, it’s not all that easy to know that far in advance what your schedule and that of your travel buddies will be like. 

This week, Singapore Airlines (SIA) announced a solution with the introduction of their new Flight Pass that will allow travellers to buy discounted Singapore Airlines tickets to be used against future bookings.

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When buying these Flight Passes, you will not need to provide a date or state who you will be sharing the tickets with at the point of purchase. 

You can simply purchase the tickets and choose to share the tickets in your Flight Pass bundle with anyone you would like—including family members, friends and colleagues—without worrying about fare increases or surcharges later on. 

The Flight Passes can be customised based on travel zone, which will allow travellers to pick the destinations they would like to fly to, the number of travellers they would like to share their Flight Pass with, and the number of flights they would like to take. For example, a round-trip booking will comprise of two flights. The more flights you buy, the greater your savings will eventually be. 

Once you have paid for the Flight Passes, you can begin planning your trip, apply for your leave, invite your loved ones and essentially use your Flight Pass at your convenience. Your Flight Pass will simply be governed by the conditions you select at the time of your purchase and will not change. 

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The Flight Pass will be offered first on SIA services between Singapore and France, Italy, South Korea, Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Flight Passes can also be used on Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) flights from these destinations to Singapore as long as the trip begins in Singapore. 

The Flight Passes, which can be purchased on SIA’s website, will be progressively expanded to other points in the SIA network, according to the airline. 

“As more quarantine-free international travel flights become available, Flight Pass offers Singapore Airlines customers greater flexibility and options when planning their trips. It allows them to enjoy greater cost savings by pooling their travel, and tailoring it according to their preferences,” said Lee Lik Hsin, Singapore Airlines’ executive vice president, commercial.

Time to start planning those trips for 2022!

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