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Whether you're looking for a bike trail for an easy spin or training, these destinations will be worth the ride

Long-time cyclists are ecstatic to still be able to pursue their sport even during quarantine. In fact, cycling is now encouraged as a safer form of transportation. Fortunately, cycling is an activity that many can take part in as long as you have a bike. This probably explains why more people have actually considered biking despite the Philippines' humid weather. Whether these people have turned to cycling for leisure or to pursue it as a sport, it's an exciting time for the cycling community as it continues to grow day by day.

It seems more people are realising that apart from keeping yourself busy, cycling is a good activity to incorporate into your daily routine to keep healthy. With all that leg work, you don't only get to strengthen your muscles but you also increase your cardiovascular fitness, improve your posture, and you get in a much better mood.

Although social distancing can be practised when cycling, it's still best to stay safe by taking precautions — like wearing a mask and faceshield— whenever you're outdoors. Then, once you're all geared up, it's time to hit the road. 

Browse through this list of bike routes ranging from beginner to novice trails:


Riding a bike with a majestic backdrop is a great way to spend your morning or afternoon. You could stroll to explore Intramuros, but you'd cover more ground and admire the architecture on your own time with a bicycle. But you can also appreciate the historical value of each building with a tour guide while biking around.

BGC 38th Street

Set up an alarm and ready your bikes for a nice ride along BGC. At the break of dawn, the 38th street in BGC turns into a bike destination for most cyclists nearby. Without the heavy traffic and parked cars, cyclists can begin training — speeding off the street — with a smooth trail to conquer.

MOA Seaside Loop

A good bike trail can be found near Mall of Asia. You can start off at the seaside loop early in the morning where the fresh wind blows and the road is fairly empty. Overall, this spot in Pasay is a good place to start your training where you can also meet other cyclists who regularly bike around the place.

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Nuvali Trails

Admire the greenery surrounding Nuvali Trails while biking for leisure. If you're a beginner trying to enhance your cycling skills, Nuvali is also the place to be. But if you're a novice that wants to take up a challenge, you can start with Nuvali's off-road bike trail. To get to Nuvali, just take the SLEX and to get to Sta. Rosa and you'll be in Nuvali in three hours time.

Fort Bonifacio Army Mountain Bike Trail

If you're ready to conquer an advanced trail, bring your mountain bike with you and head over to Fort Bonifacio Army Mountain Bike Trail in Taguig. There, you can speed through bends and jump over gaps with other professionals. Don't forget to bring water to stay hydrated as the trail is hidden away in nature and surrounded by trees — a true off-road experience.

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