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Whether you're looking to add more masks to your rotation or make a fashion statement, here are some reusable masks that are still shipping to your home

Additional reporting by Isha Ebrahim.

This story was first published on April 24, 2020, and updated on October 18, 2021.


Singapore will be moving into Phase 3 (Heightened Alert) on June 14 and that means that we will soon be able to go out in groups of five and that we can dine out once again.

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As we are out and about, we certainly want to look our best. While the government has arranged for a complimentary reusable mask to be distributed to every citizen, there are also many options that you can purchase online to add to your rotation.

We've picked out a selection of reusable masks ranging from basic cloth masks to masks that are fitted with filters for increased protection.

Do note though that reusable masks are not 100 per cent effective against viruses—basic cotton masks are estimated to provide between 50 and 60 per cent of filtration efficiency, which can be boosted with the addition of filters—so the best advice is still to stay home in order to #flattenthecurve.

Keep reading to find out where you can get the best and most fashionable masks.

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1. Forever Family

A collaboration between textile company Ramatex and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*Star), Forever Family was the supplier for the reusable cloth masks distributed to Singaporean children islandwide.

The mask is specially developed with a bacterial filtration efficiency of 98.5 per cent in blocking out droplet sprays of about three microns, and is effective for up to 30 washes. Children’s masks come in white, blue, yellow and pink, while size M adult masks are available in pink, light blue, yellow, olive, white, nude, black, royal blue, and orange.

Available online at Forever Family.

2. Maskela

From the luxury dress rental service team, Covetella, Maskela offers fashionable, reusable masks inspired by glamorous evening gowns. The masks are double- to triple-layered with hidden pockets to hold disposable filters for increased protection, with a 100 per cent cotton lining for comfort.

Two medical masks will be donated to frontliners and communities around the world with every purchase. These masks come in sets that include a mask sanitzer, a mask pouch and chain accessories to keep you both safe and stylish. 

Available online at Maskela.

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3. Redee

We've been told to avoid touching our masks for our hygiene and safety, but this can be difficult when we're trying to eat or drink. Enter Redee Mask—designed for safe and effortless drinking. Unlike masks with zippers that leave your mouth exposed, the mask features a covered, unexposed opening that's hidden under an extra flap. You can simply slip your straw in and sip away without touching your mask or exposing your nose and mouth in public.

The mask is made of premium cotton, with an additional pocket for disposable filters. Available in one size and adjustable to fit most.

Available online at Redee.

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4. Copperline

Made in Korea, Copperline’s masks are made with three layers of porous and environmentally-friendly fabrics, including a patented nano-ionised copper fabric that offers an anti-bacterial function of up to 99 per cent. The mask comes with a cushion nose pad for comfortable wear, and disposable filters can be added for extra protection against tiny particles like PM2.5 and up to 92 per cent of nanoparticles the size of 0.3 microns.

The mask comes in navy, pink, charcoal grey, and black. Sizes run from extra small, which fits children from age three, to large for adult men and women.

Available online at KrisShop.

5. Mas Gill

A homegrown innovation in response to the global shortage of surgical masks, the Gill Mask is designed for additional protection while reducing mask wastage. Featuring a detachable filter cartridge, the Gill Mask requires just one-sixth of the absorbent material used in a standard surgical mask.

The silicone facepiece fits comfortably with space between the nose and mouth, and can also be washed in boiling water to remove contaminants.

Available online at Gill Mask.

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6. Looka

Made in Korea, Looka's stylish double-layered masks have been seen on the likes of celebrities including Korean pop idol BamBam from boyband Got7.

Made from 88 per cent polyester and 12 per cent polyurethane, the mask is stretchable, reusable and washable, and protects wearers from pollution, smog, and dust particles. Available in small for women and medium for men.

Available online at Ante.

7. OliveAnkara

A Singapore-based brand that blends African fabrics with Italian designs, OliveAnkara’s Ankara (100 per cent cotton wax print) face masks are sure to make a statement.

Breathable, reusable, washable and reversible, the face masks also feature a pocket that can fit a surgical mask for additional protection. The mask comes in sizes for both kids and adults, and 10 per cent of the proceeds will benefit migrant workers and people in need through local charities.

Available online at OliveAnkara.

8. Independent Market

A retailer featuring local designers and artists, Independent Market offers 100 per cent cotton fabric masks in fun and creative prints, with a pocket for inserting disposable filters.

The fabric used is breathable and hypoallergenic, with an inner gauze layer for comfort. It is available in adult and children sizes.

Available online at Independent Market.

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9. Sea Apple

Singapore-based childrenswear brand Sea Apple is launching the sale of 100% woven cotton masks repurposed from past season fabrics. The masks come in various colourful designs with a pocket for filter inserts and are available in both kid and adult sizes. 

Available online at Sea Apple.

10. Casetify

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, Hong Kong-based tech accessories manufacturer Casetify has been at the forefront of contributing to the relief efforts. Founded by Generation T honouree Wesley Ng, the brand first came out with a UV Sanitiser for phones, where 100 per cent of proceeds go towards Global Giving’s Coronavirus Relief Fund.

Now, Casetify is also manufacturing reusable cloth masks. For every purchase, one mask is donated to Direct Relief to protect frontline health workers. The stylish masks come in black, white, pink, blue, and are emblazoned with “#We Are In This Together”. Each cotton mask also comes with two interchangeable filters.

Available online at Casetify.

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11. The Mighty Company

For those looking to make a fashion statement while staying protected from the virus, cult outerwear label The Mighty Company offers stylish reusable masks in a myriad of colours and patterns.

Crafted from their fabric archives, the masks are lined with 100 per cent antimicrobial cotton and finished with glitter stretch nylon straps.

The Los Angeles-based brand is also donating one mask to The Midnight Mission homeless shelter in Downtown LA for every mask bought.

Available online at The Mighty Company.

12. Reformation

Sustainable clothing brand Reformation is also offering reusable, double-layered masks. According to Reformation, its lightweight mask—made from 53 per cent viscose and 47 per cent rayon—should be about 70 per cent effective at filtering viral particles in comparison to medical-grade surgical masks.

The sustainable fashion retailer is also partnering with the City of Los Angeles on L.A. Protects to make five million non-medical grade masks for citizens and essential workers, and you can contribute by purchasing a five-pack for donation.

Available online at Reformation.

13. Daniel Patrick

Streetwear label Daniel Patrick has put out stylish face masks made from their signature fabrics, which are sure to reel in street fashion lovers. The 100 per cent nylon masks come in unique colourways from neon lime green to monochrome acid wash. The masks are machine-washable and water-resistant.

Available online at Daniel Patrick.

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14. Hedley & Bennett 

Originally a manufacturer for aprons and other chef gear, California-based Hedley & Bennett has transitioned its sewing lines to support the production of face masks.

Developed with a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon, its cotton fabric masks are washable, reusable and designed to fit most faces. One mask is donated to front-line workers for every mask purchased.

Available online at Hedley & Bennett.

15. Kaze

KN95 masks are a type of filtering facepiece respirator that works better than your typical disposable surgical mask. 

For a trendy version of the KN95 mask, you can try Kaze. Kaze is a brand that produces disposable KN95 masks. Kaze puts their masks through vigorous testing and has managed to achieve international standards of filtering out particles of more than 95 per cent. They also can filter out 95 per cent of bacteria which makes it a good fit to tackle the new variant. 

Masks from Kaze come in a variety of colours and sizes to suit everyone. They are five-ply and have adjustable ear bands for the best fit.  

Available online at Kaze.

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16. Jo Kilda

These face masks by Jo Kilda are made out of 100 per cent raw silk and satin silk lining fabrics that are repurposed from their fabric archive. So you can purchase a mask that is both gentle on your skin and stylish enough to match your outfit. Each mask comes with three complimentary disposable insertable filters and a pouch to keep it safe in. 

Available online at Jo Kilda.

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17. The Sutajio

Founded by art and fashion industry creatives, this brand offers a variety of beautifully printed masks made from Premium Japanese cotton.

If you're looking to stand out and be different, this is the brand for you as no two designs are the same; accessible pockets are available for filter insertion. All products are handmade in Singapore and 10 per cent of profits are donated to various charity organisations each month. 

Available online at The Sutajio.

18. Ans.Ein

Did you know that a typical cloth face mask only has about a 50 per cent protection rate against bacteria, dust and pollen? Many cloth masks also have a 0 per cent protection rate against viruses. 

This is troubling considering that a basic cloth mask is what most of us use on a day to day basis. What you can do though, is to get a cloth mask with a filter or something with more than one layer. 

Ans.Ein is a fashion brand that does just that. The cloth masks at Ans.Ein come with a cotton or polyester outer layer, a waterproof fabric middle layer and a cotton twill inside to ensure that you are very well protected against the virus. 

Their three-layered masks also come in fantastic designs such as ones with sakura flowers on them, coloured fans and even basic but fun colours.

Available online at Ans.Ein

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19. Makerly Singapore

If you want to stick with reusable cloth masks, another option is to simply purchase one that comes with a filter pocket so that you can insert your own filter into it and make it safe against the new variant. 

Makerly Singapore is a local fashion brand that moved into creating masks when the pandemic hit. They design some of the prettiest batik masks that come with a filter pocket, a nose wire and a breathable two-ply cotton lining.  

What makes them perfect is the fact that you can insert a filter and make it appropriate for our current Covid-19 situation. 

Available online at Makerly.


20. CYC Made to Measure

CYC Made to Measure is a local business that banded together to make masks for migrant workers when the pandemic first began. 

Today, the company sells reusable masks for adults and kids that are made with premium Egyptian cotton. Their masks come with non woven filters similar to those used for surgical masks and have a 95.5 per cent to 99.8 per cent efficiency in protecting you against bacteria. They also sell filter refills so you can change them out after using them for a certain amount of time. 

Their masks come in fun colours and patterns so you can look trendy while staying safe.

Available online at CYC Made to Measure.

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21. Philips

The Philips Fresh Air Mask ACM066 is the brand's newest and most advanced and innovative personal air-filtering product that helps more people breathe and live better. With features like the Air Power technology (customized fan module) that helps to quickly remove trapped heat, moisture, exhaled air at up to 41 liters per minute for breathing comfort, you can wear a mask comfortably in the Singapore humidity and heat.

You can also be assured of its anti-bacterial properties with its water-resistant fabric shell that can be washed after each use. It also comes with an easily replaceable filter (FY0086) that reduces droplets and it removes 95% of PM2.5 particles and pollen, and 99% of bacteria of 3μm.

Available online at Philips


22. Enro mask

Feel safe and stylish with the new Enro face mask—the world’s first reusable Tech 3D mask available with over 70 designs to choose from that marries safety and day-long wearing comfort. The mask is known to have the highest-grade PM0.1 filtration and comes in six sizes for the best fit possible. Dubbed the ‘perfect face mask’, Enro masks have a UV protection of SPF50+ and designed to last at least an industry-leading 100 washes while retaining as much of its filtration efficacy when new.

With anti-microbial fabric with Dupont’s Silvadur technology to prevent the dreaded mask acne, everyone can feel confident in wearing these stylish and sustainable masks that are also eco-conscious in their reusability.

Available at Enro

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