Tatler Travels: Take a trip with Stephanie Kienle Gonzalez and learn all about what to do while in Cape Town.

Mother of 2, model, businesswoman and style it-girl, Stephanie Kienle Gonzalez has definitely got her hands full. As the Vice President of Sales and Business Development for their family owned furniture and home store, Philux, she is constantly on her feet. Jumping from meetings, to events, and jetting off to different cities, Kienle-Gonzalez cherishes the free time she gets to spend with her family. One of her favourite destinations for family vacations is Cape Town, South Africa -- a second home to her. 

Get to know all about this beautiful city through the eyes of Kienle-Gonzalez. Take note of all her tips so you can prepare for your next vacation!

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden



On a beautiful day, go for a stroll and picnic in Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. The picturesque landscape makes for a wonderful place to unwind and enjoy nature. If you are lucky, you may even be there for outdoor musical concerts or art exhibitions. 

Lion's Head & Table Mountain



Feeling fit and energized? Climb up Lion's head for stunning views and the best view of Table Mountain, minus the tourists. I suggest you start early morning and bring lots of water and sun coverage. 


shark.jpgIf you are up for a thrill, go shark cage diving. Be ready for discomfort though: seasickness, smelly Seal Island and cold water - all part of the adventurous experience.

Food: La Colombe



Book in advance for an unforgettable fine dining experience at La Colombe. My favourite restaurant in picturesque Constancia. While the cuisine is refined, the ambiance is still fairly casual for being in the top 100 San Pellegrino rated restaurants. I enjoy most the short degustation as I am not one for extra long and filling dining experiences. 

Food: Chef's Warehouse



A casual gourmet experience: Chef's Warehouse. Tapas style in a super casual deli type ambiance. Excellent food. I recommend going in a group to try the different dishes.

Cape of Good Hope



For first timers in Cape Town, a day trip to the Cape of Good Hope is a must. Mother Nature at its finest!


wineee.jpegFor wine lovers, visit Stellenbosch and Frankshoek. The quaint wine town streets and boutiques make for a perfect afternoon stroll after lunch in beautiful Delaire Graff or Tokara. 




For luxury stay, visit Ellerman House - an institution seaside homey hotel in Bantry Bay




 For kids, visit the penguins at Simon's Town. Bring a scarf as it does get windy in the area!




If you want to take home something African, visit Tribal Trends in town on Long Street for African inspired home accessories and furniture. You can always stop by a couple of diamond stores around the area for those looking for South African stones.