You could call it the Swiss army knife of travel jackets, a sartorial feat of clever engineering and design that seems to offer a solution for everything.

While the marketing pitch may be ostentatious and bold, it may not be far off to call a new travel jacket the world’s best, given its slew of built-in features including an inflatable neck pillow and eye mask.

You could call it the Swiss army knife of travel jackets, a sartorial feat of clever engineering and design that seems to offer a solution for everything.

More importantly, unlike most travel-specific attire, the Baubax Jackets don’t make wearers look like they’re about to set off on a rugged mountain hike or a week-long fishing trip.

Instead, the jackets are designed to look like ordinary sweatshirts, bomber jackets, windbreakers and blazers. Except that they’re also made with 15 features including nine utility pockets for mobile phones, tablets, earbuds and even a can of soda.

Likewise, an eye mask, gloves and a telescoping pen pocket are sewn straight into the jacket. An inflatable pillow is also discreetly tucked away into the hood and can be inflated in two seconds, and deflated with the press of a button.

The blazer is made of a wrinkle-free fabric and also features a removable hood.

In fact, the laundry list of items that can be stored in the jacket at once is impressive: passport, wallet, tablet, smartphone, earphones, sunglasses, portable charger, pocket blanket and water bottle.

For frequent flyers, that means that instead of fishing through pockets and fiddling with carry-on bags, they can simply slide off the entire jacket and waltz through airport security.

And with more and more airlines slapping fees on carry-on bags, the jackets could also allow flyers to leave their bags at home and save money.

Though Baubax officially launched a crowdsourcing campaign on Kickstarter just this week, the Chicago-based start-up has managed to quadruple its initial fundraising goal of $20,000 USD.

Baubax jackets are available for pre-order July 7 to September 3 and start at $89 (around RM338).

Watch how the jacket works in a promotional video

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