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Airbnb reveals its most sought-after stays of 2020 with a Brazilian seaside villa taking in the number one spot

It shouldn't come as a surprise that 2020 saw a decline in international travel due to the pandemic with figures regressed to the level of 30 years ago according to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). As a result, travel enthusiasts could only resort to adding their dream destinations to their wish list or travel virtually through an online experience until travel is back again. Airbnb unveils its 2020 top dream homes on traveller's wishlist, offering a glimpse into their go-to destinations when international tourism recovers.

In a nutshell, 2020's most wishlisted stays are still in line with tourism trends of recent years—travellers have a higher inclination to explore rural areas and non-traditional tourism spots, hoping for an authentic and unique experience of the local culture. Among the most wishlisted stays include serene mountains, forests and coastlines off the beaten track. Below are the top 10 most wishlisted stays on Airbnb.

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1 / 10

Exceptional property with private beach, Santa Catarina Brazil

This beach villa in Santa Catarina is equipped with luxury bedding, coffee machine, TV and other modern essentials and services. It's suitable for those who want to take in a view of the coastline. The host also provides equipment for various excursions, including a wooden boat for fishing, surfboards for surfing and your own relaxing chair if you just want to admire the scenic view.

Number of saves: 303,211

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2 / 10

Balian treehouse with beautiful pool, Bali Indonesia

This treehouse is perched on a beach in Bali, a dream place away from the hustle and bustle. Sip a cup of tea on the balcony over the balcony overlooking the forest, luscious garden and swimming pool and take in the serenity of nature. The host also provides beach and water sports equipment for you to enjoy a splash in the water.

Number of saves: 296,621

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3 / 10

Secluded intown treehouse, Georgia USA

Another treehouse in the list, this property is located in the heart of Atlanta and is really a gem hidden in the woods. It flaunts elegance, tranquillity and comfort in the South. Is there a better place to slumber and wake up to the birds chirping?

Number of saves: 294,039

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4 / 10

Hector cave house, Santorini Greece

Santorini is probably in almost every traveller's wishlist so this shouldn't come as a surprise, in fact, this unique stay was a top pick in 2018. The cave house in the rock face of a former volcano is simple yet stunning, with a full kitchen set and public area inside. But the best part is the balcony where you get sunkissed while spending a splendid vacation with friends and family.

Number of saves: 279,779

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5 / 10

Villa with 180-degree view and private pool, Bali Indonesia

Another listing in Bali makes it to the top 10. Dip in the waters of this beautiful villa and enjoy the stunning sunset of Singaraja. The large village accommodates up to eight guests yet is big enough for you to enjoy a private relaxing time.

Number of saves: 269,373

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6 / 10

Luxury villa with mountain view by the lake, Lombardy Italy

If you're looking for a great mountain view, this lakeside villa in Lombardy, Italy is a must. It's also located just 150 meters away from the medieval village of Riva di Solto. You can dine on the spacious terrace while sipping a glass of wine. The stay also has a private swimming pool and tennis court for you to use at your leisure.

Number of saves: 265,130

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7 / 10

Trullo Edera, Ostoni Italy

Another listing in Italy, this time in Ostoni. Due to the rays of sunlight making its wall darker, the houses have been painted white. The property has an ancient Roman structure with mosiac walls and carved furniture, embodying classic Italian aesthetic. The picturesque small town is great for a stroll where you can enjoy the tranquillity of the secluded countryside.

Number of saves: 256,518

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8 / 10

The Seashell House, Mujerez Mexico

Live your mermaid dreams at this huge white house on the island of Mujerez. Here, you'll not only enjoy the beautiful coastal landscape from the balcony but also take in the sea breeze. The private swimming pool is also an added extra treat. The property is perfect for a romantic trip complete with unique seashell furnishings.

Number of saves: 255,620

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9 / 10

White breeze pool apartment, Phuket Thailand

At this all-white house with French windows in Phuket, you can catch the romantic sunset. Just a stone throw's away from the beach, the house has an open kitchen suitable for three to five guests to cook and have dinner together. The swimming pool is the main draw but you can also chill at the lawn outside, with a drink at hand.

Number of saves: 216,620

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10 / 10

Romantic cabana with a view, Colombia Armenia

This cabana in Armenia is located in a lush forest where you can travel across five acres of farm and feel like you're in the Disney movie, Tarzan. The semi-open shower lets you bathe under the stars. If that's not enough to impress, you can also enjoy a leisurely afternoon and read a book on the hammock, drink a cup of coffee on the balcony or marvel at the majestic mountain view.

Number of saves: 204,592

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