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Who wouldn't want to live in one of the world's safest countries? Here are the top seven destinations you need to visit soon:

At this point in time, who wouldn't be willing to reside in any of the safest countries in the world. While an ethereal place on earth sounds implausible at the moment, we've listed seven countries that might come close. The Global Peace Index, a report by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), presents analysed data sets that show which countries are considered the most peaceful.

The Global Peace Index released a ranking based on a few factors, including crime, militarisation, GDP losses, fear, private security, and peacekeeping to name a few. Their rank also has been tested with the on-going pandemic which only proves why these countries belong on the top of the list.

Currently, these are the top seven safest countries in the world:

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For the fifth time in a row, Iceland takes first place. In this country, tourists and residents can freely roam around without worrying about rampant crime, or weak political and social conditions. Iceland boasts of hyper-effective security and emergency services. This small nation was also able to clamp down on the COVID-19 outbreak. This pandemic isn't their first, after all, and they've learned from their past.

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New Zealand

When New Zealand announced that the country was free of the COVID-19 virus, many began to wonder how they did it. Well, the community in New Zealand is open-minded and compliant. So when the government rolled out strict protocols to control the onslaught of cases, everyone was eager to conform. Regardless of the pandemic, almost every destination in New Zealand is safe and secure for anyone to wander off to, as they barely have dangerous wildlife looming about.

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Despite Austria's current political instability, it earns fourth place as crimes remain low. Considering the pandemic, Austria complies with strict health protocols. They've done what most countries have, but they were also quite consistent. They were one of the first to enforce an early lockdown, successfully preventing more of the infected to reach their soil. They also began random testing to ensure all will be quickly given proper treatment.

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Apart from being the world's fifth safest country in the world, Denmark is also considered one of the happiest. Denmark does well on social equality and in creating a harmonious community. Perhaps it is because of their culture's shared sense of responsibility for the sake of everyone. Their government also manages to provide what citizens need in their everyday lives. This allows the Danes to freely pursue any career they desire without the ultra-heavy pressures of sustaining themselves or not having enough resources to live.

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Residing in a cabin far from the vicious city might sound idyllic. But Canada proves that big cities can be safe, too. In Canada, most people feel secure not because there is an absence of crime, but because the crime rates are impressively low. Their police force is trustworthy and responds quickly to the scene.

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Apart from its grand architecture, effective transportation, and universal healthcare, there are many more reasons why Singapore is branded as one of the safest countries in the world. This progressive nation has a reliable police force that citizens willingly support, a transparent government, and low crime rates. Their COVID-19 response is also excellent—which became a "model" for other neighbouring countries.

The rankings are often shared on the website Vision of Humanity, which is brought by the Institute for Economics and Peace.

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